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Good Ranchers delivers meat and seafood to subscribers, with prices averaging 40% below competitors for always-fresh, exclusively all-American products.

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Good Ranchers knew it had room to grow online. Nearly 80% to 90% of the company’s annual revenue came from in-person sign-ups at pop-up shops across the country. In the past, the company had dabbled with digital advertising, but previous agencies failed to increase conversions or drive revenue with online advertising. Good Ranchers came to Hawke explaining that their past experience yielded less than a 1X return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) and minimum volume.

However, the company had developed a loyal online following and had active social media pages that generated organic engagement. Our task was to connect the dots between online engagement and revenue.



Hawke Media adopted a three-channel approach, using paid social, paid search, and affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing strategies leveraged Good Ranchers’ loyal and highly engaged social media following to drive sales. Paid social campaigns supported these efforts, while paid search helped to increase the brand’s visibility across the web.

Creative Social Campaigns

The company’s #ShareTheBeef campaign on Facebook and Instagram utilizes a catchy hashtag to support and encourage user-generated content around recipes, product unboxing videos, and even family members seated around the dinner table. Midweek Meat tips offered shareable content around how to prepare beef, chicken, and seafood.

Paid Social Campaigns

Hawke developed and deployed a three-pronged effort across the Paid Social channel. Beginning with New acquisition, we created and tested a number of interest audiences built off of their understanding of their core customer. Over time, with continued testing and optimization, we began identifying new segments of their core customer going beyond their originally defined “Conservative Family” audience. This included building audiences catered to new users who consumed podcasts they featured in, browsed competitor products, responded well to their radio marketing efforts (interests in classic rock/country music, etc). Through continued testing of audiences beyond their core customer, we were able to identify segments that outperformed the traditional customer they had heralded and targeted for so long.

In order to fully capture these new customers we deployed a full-funnel retargeting campaign. Focusing on getting second, third, fourth (and so on) touches depending on how they interacted with the first touch. By keeping a keen focus on giving a unique subsequent touch, our retargeting efforts saw conversion rates grow as we were able to develop a better sense of how many and what kind of subsequent touch yielded conversion.

Lastly, we deployed a retention strategy focused on:

  • Getting users who single purchased (but did not subscribe) to subscribe
  • Keeping existing subscribers engaged
  • Reengaging lapsed users
Leveraging Customer Loyalty for Affiliate Sales

By introducing an affiliate program and targeting influencers in cooking, keto, and carnivore communities, Good Ranchers let their customers do the talking for them online and generate more sales. From unboxing videos to recipes, affiliates shared their own content to further boost brand visibility and share the benefits of grass-fed, grain-free beef.

Good Ranchers Facebook ads

Hawke Media achieved a 2X ROAS in the first month of paid social marketing, generating $22,321 in revenue with an $11,000 ad spend. As the buzz surrounding Good Ranchers’ boxes of beef (and chicken and fish) grew, July and August saw even bigger growth.
The paid search campaigns, combined with paid social and affiliate marketing supported by a bright and passionate network of influencers, increased subscribers and generated so much cash flow that Good Ranchers closed their pop-up shops, previously their main revenue driver. The reduction in overhead costs by not having brick-and-mortar locations helped increase profits even further.

Plus, with the time the company saved by not having to facilitate the management of pop-up shops, the C-suite was able to launch another brand.

Good Ranchers was so pleased with the results of their paid social campaign, specifically, that they contracted with Hawke Media to increase their ad spend for $50,000 after just three months.

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