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November 4, 2020 - By Hawke Media

In Case You Missed It: Here’s What Was New on the Hawke Blog in September

Marketers, we’re officially in the thick of the busy season. The end of Q3 flew by, and Q4 is now upon us. In case you’ve been too busy to check out our blog lately, here’s a roundup of the new content we’ve created over the past month so you can catch up.

It’s your opportunity to soak in all of the insightful tips and tricks, as well as key takeaways, that a variety of experts on our team have shared during September. Since much of our advice includes holiday marketing planning, if you haven’t yet we recommend that you give these articles a look.

Live from the Nest

Live from the Nest returns for Season 2, which we’ve created as an industry expert series set up fireside chat style. Hawke’s Director of Growth Madison Fiore sits down with top media executives at Hawke, and they talk about their top marketing tips based around a specific topic.

Season 2, Episode 1 Hawke’s Head of Media Buying Daniel Chen discusses the power of social advertising, the future of digital marketing, and best practices to help your business see eCommerce results.

Season 2, Episode 2 Hawke’s VP of Strategy Mike Banuelos discusses holiday marketing best practices, shifting ad spend priorities to hit seasonal goals, predicting consumer purchase habits, and more.

Season 2, Episode 3 Hawke’s VP of Marketing Jeeyan Rostam-Abadi discusses B2B acquisition funnels, customer journeys, tactical suggestions to build a winning marketing campaign, and more.

Holiday Strategy

The Secret to Success: Preparing Your E-Commerce Strategy for the Holiday Season Starts Now! Never fear, because we have you covered with plenty of e-commerce ideas as you head into the busiest time of the year. Here, we’re sharing email marketing strategies you can deploy this holiday season.

Why Hawke Media and Google Celebrated the Holidays in August Why would Hawke Media put up a Christmas tree for a Hawke-Google tag team event in August? We wanted to get people talking, and more specifically talking about developing a marketing plan for the holiday season, because, in the marketing world, August is almost a little too late. In this blog, we left you with key industry trend observations and holiday activations from the event that you can take back to your marketing plan.

Our Content Team’s Favorite Marketing Tactics They Saw in Q3 Our Hawke Media Content Team loves to create AND consume top-notch content. Here, the team breaks down some of their favorite marketing campaigns from this summer and provides tips that you can utilize for your brand—heading into an important Q4.

Source: @tytygrove

The Influencer Industry

Q & A: Why Influencer Marketing is Perfect for the Hospitality Industry Hawke’s Content Project Manager Lindsey Englander sat down with Tyler Grove, our Social Media Account Manager and also a travel blogger and podcaster extraordinaire, to ask her about influencer marketing for hospitality groups. As an influencer, Tyler has secured partnerships with, Estancia La Jolla, and L’Auberge Del Mar, and, through her work at Hawke, knows how to produce a successful partnership on the brand side.

Hawkefest Season

Saving the Best for Last: Hawkefest Is the Best E-Commerce Conference to Close out 2019 There’s a reason that Hawkefest has been named one of the best e-commerce conferences to attend this year. We pride ourselves on being on the front lines of the anti-conference movement, as we brand Hawkefest as our annual anti-conference. Shortly before Hawkefest, we asked to hear from YOU and what you think of e-commerce conferences.

Technical Skills

Email Drip Marketing Campaigns: How to Set up a Conditional Split Workflow to Increase Personalization Want to optimize your email marketing efforts? We run you through the process of setting up a split flow within Klaviyo so you can deliver the right content to the proper people.

How to Place a Google Analytics Tracking Pixel One of our web experts, Patrick Schlesselmann, takes you through the steps to implement your Google Analytics Universal tracking pixel across multiple platforms—including WordPress, Shopify, and implementation on custom sites through Google Tag Manager.

Your Burning Marketing Questions, Answered

Many of our blog posts stem from client concerns that we address, so chances are we’ll have a blog post that can answer your latest burning marketing question. You can also get your question(s) answered in more depth by our team of experts. Just fill out a free consultation form below. Happy reading!