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Case Study


AcuRite is the industry leader in at-home weather technology and is the #1 top-selling weather product line in North America. The brand is dedicated to providing precise and actionable forecasts and environmental data for both indoor and outdoor conditions that customers can use to monitor the places they care about most.

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AcuRite’s goal was to increase brand awareness to attract new audiences, demonstrate the value of its products to those beyond weather enthusiasts, and become the top educational resource in the home, garden, and weather space.

The AcuRite blog was already stocked with informative content covering an array of weather and home monitoring topics, but needed a refresh for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes. The team partnered with Hawke to boost their internal content marketing efforts, with the goal of allowing both new and existing content to better rank for top weather- and home-related keywords.



Hawke Media took a multifaceted approach to content marketing for AcuRite, which included creating content to:

  • Address common consumer questions and pain points.
  • Attract new audiences.
  • Demonstrate the value of AcuRite’s variety of products to increase conversions among both new and returning customers.
  • Become a top resource hub for weather, home, and garden topics.
Developing Fresh Content for New and Current Customers

Hawke Media collaborated closely with Acurite’s marketing team to develop a content marketing strategy focused on creating content emphasizing practical knowledge in their field.

AcuRite’s marketing team worked hand-in-hand with Hawke to brainstorm topics and publish blog posts addressing questions about weather, providing home and gardening tips, and even talking about critical topics like preventing wildfires and severe weather safety information.


Refreshing Content for an SEO Boost

The Hawke team used its expertise to evaluate AcuRite’s existing content with an eye on making suggestions to refresh outdated posts. Together, the Hawke Media and AcuRite teams were able to identify and implement SEO suggestions that reflect today’s most popular search terms in the home, garden, and weather space. The Hawke team also made recommendations to refresh and update the blog layout and improve back-end SEO, including meta descriptions and tags to further boost AcuRite’s rankings for these pages.



Between January 2020 and August 2021, Hawke Media helped AcuRite achieve its objectives of increased brand awareness and improved rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs) for key search terms. This effort led to several featured snippets on Google’s first SERP to further increase brand awareness and blog traffic.

The content’s depth, magnitude, and quality have fostered AcuRite’s reputation as a top resource for weather and home monitoring.

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  • Goal Conversions

  • Blog Traffic