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Algenist is an award-winning skincare brand that prides itself on clean, vegan formulas. Hawke helped it build customer lifetime value.

Alegenist cover graphic

Algenist products have thrived in the retail space for years. It wanted to build up customer lifetime value through campaigns that offered discounts, such as its subscription program, without compromising the high-end appeal of the brand.

Hawke helped launch paid social platforms
Focused on brand awareness and LTCV


Hawke Media developed a content strategy that would increase brand recognition with new audiences. Affiliate content was placed on discount sites with “subscribe and save” style messaging and several of the most influential name brands in the industry. Hawke secured over 70 top-tier placements for the brand.

Hawke Media increased average monthly revenue from affiliates by approximately 63%, producing up to $100,000 in affiliate revenue in a single month.


Paid search marketing was primarily a top-of-funnel channel, informing viewers about the benefits of the algae-based products. There was also “subscribe and save” messaging for first-time purchasers and frequent site visitors.

Hawke targeted new users for overall growth by A/B testing creative and campaign types such as display, discovery ads, YouTube, and Performance Max, which was brand new at the time.

Google Ads resulted in a 69% increase in new users and a revenue growth of 22%. Google Ads became the top driver of traffic to the site.


Algneist has only been in the social media advertising space for a few months before bringing on Hawke. Hawke initially took a similar approach on paid social channels as in paid search. Hawke also helped guide campaigns to leverage user-generated content. The experts at Hawke Media continued to expand platforms for the brand, launching a TikTok Advertising program.

After one year with Hawke Media, Algenist saw a 466% increase in revenue and a 12.5% increase in AOV from the paid social program.