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Case Study


ANGLR is the #1 fishing app on the water. It came to Hawke Media to help upgrade users to paid members, and saw immediate success from email marketing.

ANGLR cover graphic

ANGLR is an interactive app for fishing enthusiasts. The brand specifically wanted more members to upgrade to Pro status, a paid subscription tier which unlocks extra features. This goal was unique in that angling is a seasonal sport, and the app was looking to upgrade these customers in what would normally be considered off-season. For those not upgrading, the brand wanted to encourage immediate use. If the customer used the app shortly after downloading, they were more likely to retain and upgrade in the future.



To engage with new customers, Hawke Media created a new Welcome Flow email series. To encourage upgrades to ANGLR Pro, Hawke segmented audiences to reach the most loyal ANGLRers from the free tier and those who previously had the Pro subscription.

A series of A/B tests revealed specific details that performed better with different audiences. For example, the CTA button “Take a Trip” performed about twice as effectively as “Open App.”


Hawke Media helped ANGLR increase open rates for existing customers and engagement rates for new customers. The app saw an increase in users taking a fishing trip within their first week of downloading the app, establishing them as a converted user. Hawke’s welcome series also increased email open rate by 10% for an already highly engaged audience.

ANGLR welcome email mockup