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Case Study

Apollo Neuro

This high-end tech brand turned to Hawke Media to get its paid media results more consistent and profitable.

Apollo Neuro cover graphic

The Apollo™ wearable leverages cutting-edge technology developed by neuroscientists in a wearable wristband. This innovative product has a high-end sticker price, so social media advertising – frequently used for awareness campaigns – was only worthwhile if the brand could successfully close sales at a low CPA.

Internally, the brand had experimented with paid social, but saw poor CPAs with inconsistent results. Black Friday was fast approaching, so Apollo Neuro turned to Hawke to get the results they needed in time.

  • Expedited on-boarding to launch creative before Cyber Week
  • Exceeded the brands CPA goal by 10%

Hawke started by defining a swath of new buyer personas to target ads better. First, we separated ads based on demographic information such as age and gender. Then we broke down why different people were using the product. Some used it for mental health, others to improve sleep habits, and the list continued. New copy and assets were developed for each use case.

User-generated content proved to be the most effective ad creative, and videos proved to drive more conversions than image assets.

Based on pixel data and focused targeting, Apollo Neuro found the best CPA rates in the niche markets of pregnant women and fitness-oriented men.

Apollo Neuro paid social ads

The only creative that proved to be more effective for Apollo Neuro than UGC was influencer marketing. Hawke Media tapped into a pool of health and fitness influencers, including Dave Asprey, Roger Snipes, Ben Greenfield, and more.

Apollo Neuro built separate landing pages to support the highest-performing ads, including one for men and one for workout enhancement.

Influencer ads saw return on ad spend as high as 739%.

Apollo Neuro social media influencer posts