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Case Study


This fashionable pocketed belt and wrap company needed a fresh marketing channel to reach new audiences. 

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BANDI Wear has worked with Hawke Media since 2018. During the pandemic, the brand saw a huge spike in business as people were looking for ways to get active and stay comfortable. When the rush from that time period wore off, the company needed a jolt to its marketing. Hawke had managed paid social for years, but only on Meta. In May 2022, it was time to brave the TikTok frontier to reach more customers, and it benefited all aspects of paid social. 


  • Launched paid TikTok program  
  • Resourced new user-generated content

We used TikTok ads to take advantage of the CPM rate which, at the time, was substantially lower than on other paid social platforms. The ads generated brand awareness, then we would retarget those people on Facebook. The goal was to improve Meta conversion rates by already meeting that audience mid-funnel. 

The TikTok ads targeted the #MomTok audience, primarily with testimonials and UGC commissioned by Hawke. This gave real customers the opportunity to talk directly to prospects with their front-facing camera. With the success of the TikTok ads, they were repurposed to run on Meta, as well. 

In a post-purchase survey, over 71% of respondents recalled BANDIwear from a paid social channel. 

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Perhaps the best thing to come out of the TikTok launch was that we could take the content from our creators and leverage it on Facebook. We repurposed videos for Meta and saw results skyrocket. 

We utilized Shop Ads and a Web & Shop campaign in-platform to streamline the customer journey and increase conversion. With this new efficiency, we were able to scale the ads to bring the business to new heights. This strategic utilization amplified growth and connected us to a broader audience than the brand have ever reached.

August 2023 was the brand’s biggest revenue-driving month ever, surpassing the impressive highs from the pandemic.