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Hawke Media Channels
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Our Solutions
  • Expanded top-of-funnel acquisition via Facebook advertising
  • Restructured affiliate program
  • Realigned email strategy

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The Details

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This high-end swimwear company is known for their quality materials and collaborations with celebrities and influencers. Despite a significant brand presence with a loyal following and organic traction, they were struggling to understand how marketing efforts were contributing to overall revenue and were eager to grow their ecommerce site with the addition of new swim styles. With their busiest season fast approaching, they came to Hawke’s Outsourced CMO’s for help.

Our digital marketing strategists began with a deep dive into Beach Bunny’s analytics, using past data to identify the most effective solutions going forward. We discovered the opportunity to expand top-of-funnel acquisition through Facebook advertising, and crafted a plan to shift money into acquisition during the high-sales summer months. With a return on Facebook ad spend of 816%, we decreased CPA by 37% year-over-year while helping Beach Bunny beat sales goals by 50%.

Alongside this new investment in paid acquisition, our strategists recognized the need to restructure the client’s affiliate program. When it came to affiliate marketing, the story was the same – Beach Bunny didn’t fully understand its place in within the ecosystem. That’s where our affiliate experts came in to reorganize and grow the program, refocusing outreach and re-engagement to relevant publishers. In just a few months, Beach Bunny’s inconsistent affiliate program turned into a steadily growing revenue stream, with monthly affiliate revenue increasing by about 69%, accounting for 12% of overall ecommerce revenue.

The final piece to Beach Bunny’s marketing puzzle was email. After moving the client to Klaviyo, we improved the client’s email capture, automation, and segmenting. Our email strategies doubled the client’s email conversion rate, with 2.5x transactions and revenue year over year.

Hawke strategists piloted a comprehensive, multi-channel digital marketing plan that gave our client direct, actionable insight into what channels in their marketing mix would truly drive revenue in order to capitalize on their strong brand.


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