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Case Study

Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s

This luxury international realty group came to Hawke Media in the summer of 2020 to ensure a successful shift to digital-first marketing.

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Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty has been a leading luxury brokerage in North Texas since 1960. It turned to Hawke Media for guidance to transition from traditional media to digital marketing. Hawke started with a strategy consultation and then introduced a full suite of digital marketing services to maximize brand visibility in a very competitive market.

  • Decreased cost per click by 57%
  • Over 10 million social media views

Hawke’s strategy team helped maximize the performance of every digital marketing service that Briggs Freeman worked with over multiple years.

Successful performance on paid search and social channels would inform the direction of content development on the website. Hawke Media developed a Briggs Freeman blog strategy to incorporate targeted keywords and publishing consistency. The new blog was also used to answer questions and address pain points in the buyer funnel.

The blog, optimized by SEO strategy from Hawke Media, was responsible for tens of millions of relevant impressions per year.


Since paid search was entirely new to the brand, Hawke continually tested various bidding strategies, copy, and keywords for efficiency. Hawke focused on brand awareness and impressions in strategic North Texas regions.

Discovery and Performance Max ads were successful in retargeting and prospecting efforts. Segmentation allowed different campaigns to trigger for customers at different points in their real estate journey.

Paid Search became one of the highest drivers of traffic to the site and saw the highest engagement rates and lowest bounce rates.

Sold Stock Image

Hawke Media tested a variety of social platforms and audience interests to establish the lowest CTCs and CTRs. We tested carousel, static image, and 30-second video ads. Video proved to be king in real estate.

After success with top-of-the-funnel ads to drive traffic to the website, we launched a retargeting campaign during the real estate boom of the early 2020s.

Paid social droves millions of impressions and decreased the cost per click by over 28%.

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