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Budberry is a prelaunch cannabis lifestyle experience, featuring a dispensary, cafe and lounge offering microdosed edibles by a celebrity chef in West Hollywood, CA.

Budberry plants imagery

Budberry came to Hawke as two entrepreneurs looking to rebrand their company to match the hip, inclusive West Hollywood scene while still standing out in the saturated space of cannabis. By creating a whole brand identity, narrative and messaging, Hawke created a unique, intimate brand that is fun, inclusive and interactive.


  • Create a brand that is entirely unique through competitive research
  • Color palette and style that was not often seen in the cannabis world
  • Rustic look and feel to buck the minimalist trend and be more personable
  • Inviting message and story that helps to explain the unique Budberry brand

Over a 2-month period, we performed a visual identity exercise – crafting unique brand logos, colors, and themes that speak to the target audience. Aimed at conveying Budberry’s simplified elegance, a comprehensive brand book drew a common thread through the newly crafted elements.

Budberry brand guides

In addition to the brand book, the marketing roadmap outlined key digital positioning tactics, acquisition channel timelines and budget, and overall attribution modeling. Each aspect of the plan was aimed at building a truly omnichannel approach designed to increase awareness, adoption, and sales at the Budberry cafe.

Budberry additional brand guides