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Celestron makes astronomy tools for all experience levels. Celestron telescopes are some of the most popular in the industry due to their high build quality, excellent optics, competitive pricing, and ease of use.

telescope under starry sky

A Vision for the Digital Frontier

Celestron, a renowned leader in the optics industry with a rich history of innovation, identified a critical need to enhance its digital footprint to match its technological legacy. Recognizing the potential of social media to amplify brand awareness and engage a broader audience, Celestron partnered with our agency. Our goal was to conduct a comprehensive Social Media and Competitor Audit followed by the development and implementation of a robust Social Media Strategy. This strategic partnership was designed to overhaul Celestron’s social media platforms, significantly increase its follower base, and integrate Influencer Marketing and Paid Social tactics to elevate its brand presence online.

Navigating the Digital Cosmos

At the onset, Celestron faced a multifaceted challenge. Despite its esteemed position in the optics field, its social media presence did not fully reflect its industry dominance. The primary objectives were to revitalize its social media strategy to surpass competitors, dramatically grow its follower count, and enhance the frequency and quality of its content. A notable challenge was the absence of an in-house team capable of generating engaging photo and video content, which was crucial for achieving the desired impact on social media platforms.

Charting the Course Through Innovation

Our approach was holistic and multifaceted, tailored to address Celestron’s specific challenges and goals. We initiated the engagement with a thorough Social Media and Competitor Audit to identify key areas for improvement and benchmark against competitors. This foundational step informed our strategy for a complete overhaul of Celestron’s social media platforms, focusing on content enhancement, increased posting frequency, and follower engagement.

Understanding the power of authentic content, we integrated Influencer Marketing to bridge the content creation gap and produce high-quality, engaging material. This content was not only pivotal for enriching Celestron’s organic social media channels but also served as a cornerstone for our Paid Social campaigns on platforms like TikTok, leveraging influencer content to enhance ad performance.

A Symphony of Strategy and Creativity

The implementation phase saw the rolling out of several key initiatives:

  • Social Media Management (SMM): We revamped Celestron’s approach on platforms like Instagram, leading to significant growth in followers and an increase in profile actions, indicating higher user engagement.
  • Influencer Marketing: By partnering with key content creators, we were able to generate a significant volume of high-quality content, leading to increased impressions and engagements across Celestron’s channels.
  • Paid Social on TikTok: Utilizing influencer-generated content, we optimized Celestron’s paid social campaigns, achieving exceptional performance metrics, especially given the high-value nature of their products.

Throughout the process, we worked in close collaboration with Celestron’s in-house team, supplementing their capabilities and ensuring a seamless execution of the strategy.


  • Net Followers Increased

  • Profile Actions Increased

  • Followers Increased

  • TikTok Ads ROAS