Email Campaign Built on Klaviyo Contributes to 10x Revenue Growth

Email Campaign Built on Klaviyo Contributes to 10x Revenue Growth

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  • Welcome series
  • Abandoned cart series
  • Add-to-cart discount pop-up
  • Tiered VIP membership series

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Core Med Science produces supplements with unique chemical makeup that allows your body to more efficiently and quickly process nutrients. With a small email list that wasn’t contributing meaningful revenue, they came to Hawke Media for help with their email marketing efforts to recapture market share from knockoff brands. Our email experts designed a strategy on the Klaviyo platform to increase email revenues by creating loyalty within Core Med Science’s customer base and nurturing them more effectively.

After starting them off with a welcome series and abandon cart series, we identified that customers tended to purchase more often if they received product refill emails. Based on this insight, we devised a pair of brand loyalty campaigns. The first was an add-to-cart discount pop-up that appeared at checkout, incentivizing them with 10% off an additional product of their choosing. The second was a two-tiered VIP series that rewarded customers who spent more money, where members achieved Gold or Platinum discount rewards depending on the amount they spent.

The cart pop-up saw high engagement rates (65% desktop, 78% mobile) and conversion rates (47% desktop, 35% mobile), while the VIP series increased conversions by 4x among those customers that received it, increasing LTV by 25%. This boost in email efficiency contributed to 10x overall year-over-year revenue growth, with a 290% improvement in store sessions, 200% in conversion rate, and 1340% in total orders.

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