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Case Study


Crocs wanted to kick off 2022 with a viral influencer marketing campaign. The company leveraged HawkeZ, a team led by and created for Gen Z, from Hawke Media.

Crocs cover photo


Crocs was looking for a creative way to encourage customers that Crocs are great to wear, whenever and wherever. The brand wanted a diverse slate of influencers who could put their own spin on a chosen brand awareness concept.


HawkeZ heads Josh Richards and Griffin Johnson know about going viral on TikTok. They put together the concept for #RockYourCrocs and got 14 other influencers to post simultaneously with different settings, outfits, and angles the talent liked to show off their shoes. The influencers also included a link to the Crocs site on their profile during the campaign. There were three steps:

  • Empower influencers to post their own take on #RockYourCrocs
  • Leverage influencers with different kinds of followings and niches
  • Build campaign for TikTok, but incorporate Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat
Crocs approach


HawkeZ worked with Icon Source to find athletes, who often have more engaged social followings, resulting in higher engagement and value for Crocs. The talent discovered by Icon Source contributed to nearly 700,000 of the impressions from the initiative.

The hired talent put up well-edited videos on their own page with the tag #RockYourCrocs. The result was a wide variety of organic advertising across social media feeds for different interests in the Gen Z marketplace. Beyond impressions and engagements that proved the campaign swept a variety of social media screens, the project also drove thousands of clicks to the website.