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Case Study

Diamondback Bicycles

Diamondback Bicycles was founded as a BMX brand in 1977 by Western States Imports in Newbury Park, California. Now, a national lifestyle cycling brand that sells high-performance mountain bikes to adventurous people looking to tackle the next challenge.

Diamondback Bikes are Tools for Dreamers and Doers. Go Bigger, Dig Deeper, Carve Your Own Line. Mountain Bikes for Singletrack Adventures, Bike Park Shred Sessions, and All-Day Epics. Outstanding Value.

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Year-over-Year performance in May showed:

  • Return on Investment for Social Ad Spend Increased by 590%, to a Total of 2,906%
  • Revenue Increased by 114% from the Same Period in 2019
  • CPA Decreased by 75% to $67.​03 for May 2020

Original research performed by Hawke experts in conjunction with Facebook developers performed the above on 69% less spend than in May 2019.

Hawke’s challenge was maintaining a 10x return while bringing in as much revenue and new traffic as possible. Our solution was to focus spend on high-intent campaigns, specifically smart shopping and search.


Selling a bicycle with a $2,500 average value is a daunting process, but the paid social team analyzed customer consideration analytics, deployed 3rd party demographics measurement tools, and built a campaign structure that took into account not only how the Diamondback user shopped, but what that path looked like, and what information they needed – and when they needed it – to convert.


Thought leadership, data-first testing, and lateral strategic planning developed tools that resulted in performance far beyond client expectation.

The success of the social platform lead to a greater interest in pursuing additional testing opportunities and evaluating new channels for growth. Consistent performance enabled Diamondback to not only survive COVID-19, but to thrive and have a comfortable runway into the future. Revenue generated from the paid social platform exceeded $386,000 in 2020. For Diamondback, cutting the fat was the most important part of our Google Ads strategy. By focusing on high intent campaigns like smart shopping and search, we were able to significantly increase revenue, ROAS, and new traffic to the site.

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