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Case Study

Engaged Leadership

EngagedLeadership, an executive coaching service, came to Hawke Media to improve performance on search engines, paid and organic.

EngagedLeadership cover graphic

EngagedLeadership is a boutique coaching and training company that works with 150 of Forbe’s Global 500 companies. Hawke Media found the best opportunities to expand brand discoverability and nurture leads, and made immediate improvements.

Hawke Media won the Gold Globee for B2B Marketing Campaign of the Year for its work with EngagedLeadership.

  • Site Traffic: +70%
  • Site Speed: +77%
  • Paid Search CTR: +121%

Hawke flagged various opportunities to improve site load times. The first contentful paint (FCP) went from 10.5 to 8.5 seconds and the largest content paint (LCP) went from 35.6 to 8.3 seconds. This instantly boosted organic rankings.

Next, Hawke rewrote metadata for the main service pages, revised page structure, and created eight new content pages to answer search queries. Hawke also audited backlinks and provided alt text for all website imagery.

Site load times improved to be 77% faster and created a better user experience to move more customers to conversion.

EngagedLeadership website content

Hawke helped the brand find qualified executives, largely from start-ups, who were passionate about their product but needed guidance in C-suite leadership. After just two months, EngagedLeadership increased its ad budget by 40% on paid search.

Ads from Hawke Media decreased bounce rate by 14 points. Through search, dynamic, display, and performance max campaigns targeting strategic cities, EngagedLeadership saw a 76% increase in impressions and a 121% improvement in click-through rates.

In just three months with Hawke, paid search advertising became the #1 driver of qualified leads and a primary driver of traffic to the website.

EngagedLeadership analytics


  • Site Traffic