Influencer Strategy Drives Massive Social Media Impact

The Results

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The Bullets

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Hawke Media Channels
  • Influencer
Our Solutions
  • Engaged dozens of top Young Hollywood influencers to attend and promote the event
  • Evite-branded red carpet, step-and-repeat, and photobooth
  • Produced branded posts from influencers
  • Earned press placements

The Details

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For influencer Madison Pettis’s Sweet Sixteen, sponsored by Evite, we engaged dozens of the biggest names in Young Hollywood to attend the event. These influencers – including Madison, herself – posed in front of an Evite-branded step-and-repeat, and shared Evite-branded posts to their social accounts. Several notable entertainment press outlets covered the event, extending the reach of Evite-branded images and videos. This influencer-driven event was able to generate media inventory for a fraction of the cost of a typical media buy. The popularity of Madison and her guests led to further syndication of client-branded content. The event earned a total of 24 million impressions, 7.3 million of which were Evite-branded.

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