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Füm is a vape replacement device that helps people break free from nicotine addiction.

Summary: How Füm’s Brand Got a Big Boost

Füm, a company making products to help people stop vaping, hit a big snag when new rules from the FDA changed how they could talk about their products. They couldn’t use important words like “vape” or “quit smoking” anymore, which made their old marketing useless. This is where Hawke Media came in. Their job was to help Füm find new ways to talk about their products and make them stand out, despite these tough new rules.

Challenge 1: Tough Rules to Follow

Füm’s main problem was figuring out how to tell people about their product without using the words they usually would. The FDA’s new rules were strict and put Füm in a tough spot. Plus, they were being lumped in with vape products online, which they wanted to avoid. They needed a smart marketing plan that worked within these limits.

Challenge 2: Overcoming Advertising Obstacles

Initially, Füm struggled to run Meta ads due to the nature of their product. Their ads were frequently flagged and sometimes banned, largely due to the product’s appearance and the language surrounding it. Hawke Media’s initial focus was to get Füm’s ads consistently live and navigate through a maze of regular ad rejections and manual appeals. This ongoing issue required vigilant monitoring and strategic adjustments.

Approach 1: Hawke Media Steps In

Hawke Media had to be more than just a regular marketing agency for Füm. They needed to understand Füm’s product and the new rules to create a guide for influencers. This guide would help influencers talk about Füm’s products in a new, exciting way without breaking any rules.

Approach 2: Strategic Ad Management and Scaling

Hawke Media’s approach was multifaceted. They first ensured that Füm’s ads were consistently live on Meta, a significant challenge given the product’s nature and the platform’s regulations. The goal was to scale ad spending effectively while navigating the ad rejection issues. This included securing a dedicated Meta representative for Füm, which provided additional support and facilitated smoother ad management.

Solution 1: Getting Creative to Stand Out

Hawke Media’s big idea was to mix following the rules with being creative. They helped come up with fun and unique ways to promote Füm, like comedy skits and catchy songs. This wasn’t just about avoiding certain words; it was about telling Füm’s story in a fresh and appealing way.

Solution 2: Innovative Advertising and Targeting Strategies

The team tested various strategies to optimize Füm’s advertising efforts. This included experimenting with different landing pages, creative variations, region-specific audience testing, and interest targeting. They introduced Advantage + Shopping Campaign (A+SC) and began shifting more budget to this area, aligning with the changing landscape of Meta’s advertising algorithms. Additionally, Hawke Media expanded Füm’s reach by implementing targeting and campaign strategies for international markets like Canada and the UK.

Results: Füm’s Big Win


The new marketing plan was a big hit. Füm’s work with influencers made more people aware of their brand and got them interested. The content was so good that even famous people like rapper Chief Keef took notice. Füm started to grow fast, with more influencers wanting to work with them. This success meant they had to hire more people for their marketing team, showing just how well the new strategy worked, thanks to Hawke Media’s smart planning and creative ideas.

Meta Ads

By July, Hawke Media had scaled Füm’s monthly ad spend significantly. Their focus on Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) goals, rather than just Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), allowed them to continue scaling effectively. This strategic ad scaling contributed significantly to Füm’s market growth and brand awareness, setting the stage for the client to continue building on these robust advertising foundations. The final meeting with Füm, recapping these large-scale statistics, underscored the success of this comprehensive, adaptive marketing campaign.


  • Scaled Spend

  • Increased Revenue