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Case Study

Hi On Nature

Hi On Nature is a premium cannabinoid products brand that focuses on fewer side effects that detract from the experience.

Summary: The Big Picture

Hi On Nature (HON), a company in the exciting world of cannabis, had a big goal. They wanted to make more money in the long run by using something called the Affiliate Marketing Channel. Think of this like a new path they wanted to explore to get more customers and sales.

Challenge: Overcoming Obstacles

HON faced two big hurdles:


  • The Subscription Twist: When HON started a subscription service, offering deals for regular orders, they noticed that their average sale amount went down. Before, people were spending about $99, but now it was closer to $65. To keep making the same amount of money, they needed to sell to more people.


  • The Cannabis Challenge: Working in the cannabis industry can be tricky, especially when trying to partner with other companies for marketing. Some were worried about how it would look to work with a cannabis brand or thought it might mess up their online presence. Plus, those who were interested often asked for money upfront, which HON didn’t want to do.

Approach: Crafting the Strategy

Armed with insight and innovation, we crafted a dual-pronged strategy:


  • SEO Mastery: To counter the AOV drop, we dove into the depths of SEO. This wasn’t just about keywords; it was about understanding the ebb and flow of online traffic, turning every search into a potential victory.


  • Building Bridges in Rocky Terrains: Knowing the industry’s reluctance, we turned to selective partnership building. This was about quality, not quantity. We harnessed tools like SimilarWeb and Ahrefs, not as mere instruments, but as extensions of our vision, guiding us to those rare publishers who saw HON’s vision as clearly as we did.

Solutions: The Journey of Transformation

Our journey was marked by proactive steps and strategic pivots:


  • SEO as a Beacon: Anticipating the impact of the subscription model, we deployed our SEO strategies with precision. It was like setting up lighthouses in the vast ocean of the internet, guiding affiliates towards HON.


  • Selective Alliances: The challenge was not just to find willing partners but the right ones. Our persistence in outreach, akin to casting nets in the vast sea, eventually reeled in the partners who resonated with HON’s ethos. We avoided upfront payments, not through sheer negotiation, but through the value we offered in our partnerships.


  • Improved Conversion Rate

  • Increased AOV

  • Increased Total Gross Revenue

  • Increased Total Order Count

  • Increased Total Clicks