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Case Study


JAM helps people connect through PLAY. In addition to adult recreational sports leagues, JAM is your virtual and in-person connectivity solution, bringing together teams of all sizes to play with laughter-guaranteed games and events no matter where in the world they might be.

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JAM (powered by Sport & Social Group) was one of the world’s largest adult recreational sports leagues and event providers pre-pandemic. In March 2020, their in-person operations were forced to stop, thus in keeping true to their core purpose of “connecting people through play”, the JAM team pivoted and launched a new business connecting corporate teams around the globe through playing virtual events. JAM came to Hawke Media to build awareness around the brand and diversify its revenue stream.


  • Completed a UX audit to enhance JAM’s website, allowing them to deliver an improved customer experience
  • Audited the user interface to improve ease of use and ensure an intuitive look and feel
  • Refined the go-to-market strategy so that messages across all marketing channels would reach the intended audience
  • Conducted branding and messaging workshops to ensure consistency and relevancy of copy and marketing materials across all campaigns

The start of the pandemic pushed JAM to create an innovative tool for connecting remote teams, all they needed was to find customers. Of course, a new product requires a go-to-market strategy. JAM came to Hawke to help ensure that their branding was on point and that their messages would reach the intended target. We facilitated branding and messaging workshops and provided strategic input via Hawke’s proprietary approach, resulting in a revenue increase of 55%.

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