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Case Study

Just Commission Advance

Just Commission Advance’s funding platform is designed specifically for real estate agents. They understand the uncertain financial footing that many agents can find themselves in, and are here to help address that all too common problem.

Their commission advances are designed to align with the needs of professionals. Just Commission Advance offers a 20-day grace period for delayed closings, the opportunity to take out multiple advances if desired, and support from real people. Working with Just Commission Advance means real estate agents can focus on key responsibilities.

Just Commission Advance cover graphic

Just Commission Advance’s high-level marketing objective was to efficiently increase the number of quality leads they were receiving on a monthly basis. With that said they were not seeing a lot of traffic going to the site organically, which affected the number of quality leads they were receiving previous to our partnership.



At the start of this engagement, we wanted to make sure we tested out both Google and Microsoft ads to help drive brand awareness and quality leads to the site. We knew that Google was a clear answer as it is the biggest and best search network and drives very high intent traffic.


Through September 2020 Microsoft Ads drove 200% more leads than in August 2020 and 33% of our leads in paid media while lowering our Cost Per Lead (CPL).

Just Commission Advance Microsoft ads

We have seen a 5.8% increase in Google Ads leads month-over-month while decreasing CPL by 37.77%.

Overall we saw our blended leads between Google and Microsoft increase 23.25% while decreasing CPL by 44.33% compared to the previous month.

Just Commission Advance Google ads