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Kardiel is now a long-term client, but when the team first came to Hawke Media, they just needed help offloading extra inventory fast. 

Kardiel cover graphic

Kardiel offers handmade, small-batch manufactured furniture designed to exemplify modern elegance. The brand initially came to Hawke Media to help with specific promotions and offers, but a year and a half later, Kardiel is a part of the Hawke Media family with a full suite of digital services. 


The Hawke strategy team was brought on board to find exciting opportunities surrounding big sales events and new product launches. The team was also tasked with improving the returning customer rate. We launched an evergreen strategy between major events and monitored ongoing developments in industry trends, global supply chains, and more.

Hawke Media developed and launched a successful loyalty program to boost customer retention.


To help grow Kardiel’s lifecycle marketing contact lists, the brand offered $50 off orders when the customer signed up for email communications and $100 off for both email and SMS. Hawke A/B tested copy and designs to most effectively communicate this discount. Hawke and our partner, Klaviyo, created a new email automation and tracked total revenue from both lifecycle channels.

Hawke gathered hundreds of new sign-ups on both email and SMS per month and outperformed industry average open rates and click rates.


Kardiel sought to secure consistent content placements and increase trackable revenue to the program. At Hawke, we used our recruitment tools to secure over 100 placements, with new content added each month. We collaborated with our partner to create more dynamic commission structures, ensuring the brand always got optimal rates. 

Affiliate channels usually account for 5%-10% of total sales. Kardiel’s program with Hawke has always sat comfortably above 15%. graphic

The Hawke team leveraged an influencer network for those in interior design and in lifestyle spaces, with talent that had previously worked with brands including Target and Anthropologie. 

New talent was added on a consistent basis, but the social media program really caught fire when the influencer strategy was combined with organic social media efforts, where the most engagement happened. 

Influencer and organic social media were successful in more than just brand awareness. They were successful in driving conversion for lower-cost products and growing returning customers.


For Google Ads, we focused efforts on specific products. This allowed us to move specific items when there was a surplus and populate search queries with exactly the kind of item a customer was searching for. 

Paid Meta and Pinterest ads focused more on lifecycle images and sale events, bringing in customers newer to the funnel. For both programs, underperforming keywords were constantly updated, and creative was A/B tested to find the most optimized results.