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Facebook, AdWords and Influencer
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The Results

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Adwords ROI


Increased Monthly Purchases


Increased IG Followers


The Bullets

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Hawke Media Channels
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Google AdWords
  • Influencer
Our Solutions
  • Switched FB ad bidding from audience to campaign level to automatically optimize budget
  • Used better-performing split-test variants for more targeted campaigns
  • Activated prospecting Dynamic Product Ads
  • Turned on Instagram story ads
  • Launched comprehensive, intricate retargeting campaign
  • Reallocated SEM budget toward high-performing campaigns
  • Optimized keyword bidding
  • Updated ad copy to align with best practices
  • Launched display campaigns, which became best performers within SEM
  • Highly targeted influencer outreach
  • Utilized user-generated influencer content in Facebook ads
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The Details

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This Australian women’s activewear brand has gained popularity for its ability to balance performance and style. But, despite their success, they were uncertain of their digital marketing goals. We helped them focus in on the most efficient ways to gain new customers – Facebook, AdWords, and Influencer. The catch? They had effectively never run a Facebook acquisition campaign, their existing AdWords campaigns weren’t properly optimized, and they were adamant about sticking to an influencer budget of exactly $0.

After testing new acquisition audiences on Facebook and Instagram, we ran split tests on messaging and product variants, using the better performing options to test other lookalikes and target interest-based audiences. While we initially set bids at an audience level, we adjusted our bids to the campaign level to automatically allocate our budget to top performers. We also turned on prospecting Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs), which serve relevant ads to users who have expressed interest in a certain type of product. To complement our acquisition campaigns, we launched several retargeting strategies to recapture recent site visitors, past purchasers, and Instagram users who engaged with the brand. Within three months, our combined acquisition and retargeting ROAS had reached 1127%, with CPAs decreasing 17% despite launching new acquisition. Our Facebook efforts drove a 3x increase in purchases on an annualized basis.

Meanwhile, our PPC experts cleaned up Lorna Jane’s existing campaigns by reallocating budgets toward best performers, updating keyword bidding and bid timing, and adjusting ad copy to to increase quality score. To make sure we were reaching users who were already familiar with the brand, we also added retargeting lists and bids, and launched display campaigns, which were highly successful in bringing users back to the website to convert. We’ve earned a 460% ROAS since taking over. 

Additionally, our influencer team developed Lorna Jane’s US social accounts without spending a dime. Through targeted outreach, we were able to engage dozens of top-tier activewear and fitness influencers to drive brand awareness and engagement while also developing content. This content was then utilized by our media buying team to target similar audiences to increase brand credibility and sales. Within 4 months, our influencers had helped grow IG followers by 42%, while generating thousands of total likes and boosting total reach.


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