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Masianda makes authentic Mexican cuisine accessible with easy-to-use products. We used HawkeAI to make their marketing just as simple.

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Masienda already had a killer internal marketing team including an incredible videographer, but they needed experts to launch a Google Ads program and incorporate their amazing videos into YouTube Ads.

After success on the paid search frontier, the Hawke Media team expanded into Paid Social, including TikTok. All the while, the Masienda team had access to dashboards created by HawkeAI, a groundbreaking analytics tool that benchmarked campaigns against the competition. This helped Masienda optimize ads in real time.

  • Launched Google Ads program
  • Targeted all stages of funnel
  • Used HawkeAI to easily communicate and act on data

Masienda made it clear the goal was to bring in new customers with the paid search program, not just nurture those already in their funnel. With this in mind, we focused on acquisition and remarketing. There were always two campaigns running: one for new customer acquisition and one blended with existing customers. We didn’t put money behind branded terms. We maintained a video emphasis in advertising and quickly monetized the brand’s YouTube.

Hawke leveraged existing marketing efforts like Masienda’s PR events, external collaborations, and so on to maximize efficiency in hyper-specific markets.


Hawke realized that Google Ads could perform even better if they collaborated with paid social. Masienda spent about 70% of the paid social investment on prospecting. Not only did this decrease CPA on other platforms like Paid Search, but we saw several customers convert directly from the paid social ads.

Social ads focused on product overviews and tutorials, as well as the cultural history of the products themselves. Mata proved to be the most successful platform, targeting specifically those interested in cooking and Mexican culture. UGC was the most effective creative asset.

The program was so successful, the brand tripled its investment and then, after a few months of success there, increased it again.


Masienda loved leveraging analytics from Hawke.AI because it’s an interactive platform that consolidates all of the campaigns on all of the channels. It’s easy for anyone to use and it can be customized to whatever the needs of each campaign. Hawke.AI made it easier for the Masienda team to share their progress and results within their own company, for executives and other stakeholders.

*stats reflect in comparison to the industry average based on proprietary HawkeAI insights

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