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Case Study

Mint RX

MintRx Pharmacy is an all-in-one mail order pharmacy, online doctor’s office, and lab testing company. Dedicated to expanding access to prescriptions and natural products for the healthiest you. You will find the most trusted brand names and FDA-approved generic medicines at a reduced cost.

MintRx mobile example

MintRx sought out Hawke to help further their journey of becoming THE premier affordable online pharmacy. This meant taking over paid search and turning it into a revenue generating machine.


Using different bid strategies to scale and uncap multiple campaigns until reaching our benchmark ROAS

  • Testing ad copy and keyword types to leverage that information for scaling revenue and increasing impression share
  • Make bid adjustments to demographics, devices, and locations to remain efficient with our spending
  • Getting certified as an online pharmacy to advertise on Google
  • Fix conversion tracking

Over the course of approximately 1.5 years, paid search became the leading revenue generating channel for MintRx and also produced the most users, new users, returning users, and sessions when comparing the first half of the engagement to the most recent period.

This resulted in:

Revenue by 755%
Purchases by 1031%
Conversion rate by 267%
Impressions by 1031%
Increased ROAS by 30%
Increased impression share by 43%
Increased traffic by 331%
New users by 1635%
Returning users by 3141%
CPA decreased by 85%

MintRx pills