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Case Study


Hand-knitted weighted blankets to enhance sleep quality and soothe stress while remaining eco-friendly & sustainable.


In a landscape where digital innovation dictates market dominance, Nuzzie, a weighted blanket brand, embarked on a transformative journey. At the heart of their challenge was a skeptical view towards TikTok’s advertising value, coupled with a pressing need to drive down Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) while escalating purchase volumes. Amidst the turbulent seas of digital marketing, where every click counts and every platform’s potential is gold, Nuzzie found itself at a crossroads, seeking a beacon to guide them towards untapped opportunities and uncharted customer demographics.


The tale of Nuzzie unfolds with a brand caught in the throes of digital hesitation, their sails filled with doubts about TikTok’s worth as an advertising haven. This skepticism was but a symptom of a larger quandary—an intricate marketing mix shrouded in mystery and a customer base as elusive as the wind. Nuzzie’s quest was clear: to unearth a strategy that could lower their CPA and simultaneously boost purchase volumes, without venturing into the stormy waters of increased advertising spend.


Our agency, akin to a lighthouse in the fog, proposed a course correction that promised to navigate Nuzzie through the murky depths of digital advertising. By championing a dual strategy that embraced both paid social and paid search, with a keen eye on TikTok’s horizon, we set the sails towards a data-driven understanding of the market. Our compass? KNO, a post-purchase survey tool, designed to pierce through the fog of attribution and customer behavior, revealing the true north of Nuzzie’s advertising efforts.


As we ventured into the unknown, our strategy began to take shape in the form of TikTok campaigns, enriched with insights from the KNO Commerce. This new course was not without its perils—testing uncharted waters, pivoting strategies in the face of unforeseen currents, and embracing the winds of change by targeting a surprisingly male-dominated customer base. Yet, with each adjustment, the outline of a new land began to emerge, one where User-Generated Content (UGC) resonated with the rhythm of the waves, captivating a demographic we had only just begun to understand.


  • TikTok Revenue Attributed

  • Purchase Volume Increase

  • CPA Decrease

  • ROAS Grew