SEM, SEO, Content and Email Drive Leads and Cut CPL

SEM, SEO, Content and Email Drive Leads and Cut CPL

The Results

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Hawke Media Channels
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Email
  • Content
  • SEO
Our Solutions
  • Refined targeting and keyword tactics on Google and Bing search
  • Built and defined email nurture path
  • Developed content repository
  • Made SEO recommendations and optimized website with relevant keywords

The Details

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Openpath is an access control company focused on redefining the entry experience at offices, corporate buildings, and for professionals everywhere. By building an infrastructure that replaces the key fob with your phone and their connected devices and apps, they are focused on improving security and changing the typical process for gaining entry into any building.

When their efforts around building, maintaining and nurturing leads weren’t performing as expected, they came to Hawke to improve lead quality with a better conversion funnel. By utilizing SEM, Email, Content and SEO, we were able to grow their position within the market and ensure quality leadflow.

Our SEM experts refined the targeting and keyword tactics to focus on higher-intent audiences, utilizing Google and Bing to reach a broader swath of users. Hawke’s email team built and defined a nurture path to ensure that leads were adequately warmed and educated before, during and after a conversation with an Openpath sales rep. Finally, after building a large content repository for Openpath to establish thought leadership in their industry, our content marketers worked with the client’s existing site framework to make recommendations and build an SEO practice to ensure that Openpath was in a position to be found accordingly.

Our efforts increased qualified leads by 20% while cutting down CPL by over 61%. Additionally, our SEO strategy earned Openpath 10 new first-page rankings for relevant keyword searches.

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