Search & Social Ads Combine to Scale Revenues
with High ROI

Search & Social Ads Combine to Scale Revenues
with High ROI

The Results

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Hawke Media Channels
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Google AdWords
Our Solutions
  • Established FB prospecting audience by combining interests and lookalikes
  • Built out robust FB retargeting campaigns based on various intervals of time since last site visit
  • Built brand awareness through Google search, display, video, and shopping campaigns

The Details

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Passion Planner is your “paper life coach” – designed to encourage you to plan for the future, reflect on the past, but most importantly, act on the present. Having only dabbled with paid acquisition strategies, they came to Hawke for help expanding beyond their core organic customer demographic with search and social ads. Sticking to firm brand guidelines, Hawke experts developed a series of high-ROI campaigns.

Our Facebook team established prospecting audiences based on a combination of interests and lookalikes, testing interspace segments to determine which would be most successful. Paired with robust retargeting strategies based on various intervals of time since a user’s last website visit, our Facebook campaigns earned 424% ROI after only three months, including a 2,337% return on retargeting ads.

For search ads, our Google AdWords experts launched search, display, video and shopping campaigns, growing brand awareness with non-branded campaigns to later convert on branded ads. Overall, our SEM campaigns have earned a lifetime 595% combined ROI.

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