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Roots is a modern athleisure clothing brand that needed Hawke to help establish more consistent results on leading marketing services. 

Roots cover graphic

When Roots teamed up with Hawke Media’s strategy team, we implemented a 30-day period to launch paid media campaigns and gather 3 weeks of initial data. We set a 90-day threshold to prove a 40% increase in revenue YoY. 

  • With the success of the first 90 days, Roots added affiliate channels to their contract. 
  • The Hawke strategy team executed Roots 2022 Cyber Week campaign site-wide.

Roots does big business in both the United States and Canada, with different goals for each territory. With this in mind, Hawke set up unique pixel data and tested different creative and copy for campaigns in each area. 

Hawke tested new campaign types including Performance Max, Smart Shopping, responsive and dynamic search ads, discovery, display, and Youtube ads. Hawke also launched TikTok and Pinterest campaigns. 

Hawke grew paid search impression share by 38%. Roots had over 37 million impressions on TikTok alone.


Roots already had an affiliate program when it added that service to its contract, but the team knew Hawke could help reduce costs, increase conversions, and get more placements for content. Hawke adjusted affiliate commission rates based on new versus existing customers, with help from Hawke partner We also developed a profit and loss dashboard to analyze where Roots gained the most traction and worked to secure similar, top-tier placements.   


Roots consistently received new top-tier placements every month. graphic