Six-Week Valentine’s Day Social Campaign Increases Sales, Followers & Engagement

Six-Week Valentine’s Day Social Campaign Increases Sales, Followers & Engagement

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Roses Only is a premium long-stem rose delivery service that promises to deliver the best roses. Their attention to detail and quality control has set them apart from the competition. However, they were not qualified for Instagram’s swipe-up feature on story posts. Hawke social experts were still able to craft a six-week campaign that increased Valentine’s Day pre-orders, holiday sales, email captures and social following, outlined below:

  • Week One – posted Valentine’s Day pre-sale information on organic social
  • Week Two – engaged with first influencer roundup to push traffic toward social channels and website
  • Week Three – launched custom creative assets sharing real love notes included in orders
  • Week Four – activated second influencer roundup with messaging of the timeline nearing Valentine’s Day
  • Week Five – presented messaging for last batch of pre-sale orders to qualify for a dozen free roses
  • Week Six – announced winners and shared Valentine’s Day content

By activating influencers and creating custom landing pages, we were able to amplify the effect of our organic social strategy. On Facebook, we reached increased impressions by 16% and engagements by 8.1%. On Instagram, we increased the client’s following by 9%, impressions by 60% and engagement by 27%. Total social revenue for this Valentine’s Day campaign outperformed the prior year’s campaign by 583%.


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