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Former model and publicist turned entrepreneur Gigi Howard founded SiO Beauty to help women feel confident and beautiful at any age.

SiO Beauty product imagery

When SiO first approached Hawke in July of 2017, the brand was new to the ecommerce game and wasn’t seeing results from existing paid search or Facebook advertising. Gigi sought to partner with an agency that could help her scale the business and set the pace for ongoing growth.


  • Reposition the brand to be all-inclusive across age demographics
  • Develop new product strategies and build campaigns around new products
  • Revamp paid media strategy
  • Add top- and bottom-funnel channels to bolster marketing mix
  • Revamped social posting strategy, including shoppable IG posts
  • Micro- and macro-influencer approach

Hawke’s Strategy team build a comprehensive plan, beginning with Paid Social and Email Marketing to increase brand awareness and drive customer acquisition. Our experts immediately repositioned SiO as an all-inclusive brand by expanding the target age demographic, proving to customers of all ages that SiO’s products weren’t just for older women. With constant collaboration and inspiration from the SiO team, Hawke’s multi-channel approach helped achieve a substantial boost in revenue across SiO’s product offerings while exceeding CPA expectations. Gigi was so pleased with the success, she trusted Hawke to test new marketing methods by adding Paid Search, Influencer Marketing, Content Amplification, and Social Media Management.

SiO Beauty strategy

After identifying high-performing audiences, we constantly tested new audiences to find new targeting opportunities. We also saw success from our retargeting campaigns with digital product ads. Holiday promotions also drove consistent results.

SiO Beauty Facebook ads

Our mission with email was to help build brand recognition and revenue share of email, while also growing the list. By building out our library of automations, creating a segmentation strategy to remove disengaged users, and through AB testing of our email and pop-up content, we were able to increase the revenue from SiO’s email efforts and grow the list while improving the our overall email engagement in the process.



SiO was beginning to implement a more modern and current design aesthetic when Hawke started to help with email design. We wanted to execute their vision of an updated modern design, in order to connect with all age groups and genders. Using graphics, bright colors, and SiO’s in house assets, we created more visually appealing email campaigns.

SiO Beauty content

We planned our SEM campaigns to account for seasonality, taking advantage of holiday seasons and lowering spend during slower sales seasons. Additionally, we implemented variations of high performing ads and full rounds of negative keywords while creating top-of-funnel campaigns.

SiO Beauty Google Adwords

Influencer marketing served as the focal point for reaching new audiences and telling the SiO story to potential customers. Our strategy was based on social-first content to create a widely known brand and SiO Beauty community. By combining a micro- and macro-influencer approach, we were able to stay within the budgetary restrictions provided by the client and gain maximum awareness. Each product required its own targeted strategy with influencers in niche fields. These efforts generated over 1M impressions.

SiO Beauty influencer

Leveraged FieldTest to distribute content via paid placements in relevant publications.

SiO Beauty articles

When it came to social, we helped SiO reposition their social media goals to not only include brand awareness and follower growth but also website traffic, user engagement and conversions. We also restrategized the type of content SiO was pushing out to make it more engaging to the consumer with unique messaging and direct calls to action, as well as implementing shoppable posts on Instagram. These strategies earned a 54% increase in IG followers and a 3,100% increase in IG engagement, while doubling website sessions, transactions and revenue.

SiO Beauty social media