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Case Study

Tamara Mellon

Fed up with the fact that luxury brands are named after men who’ve never walked a mile in a woman’s shoes, former Jimmy Choo co-founder Tamara Mellon put her name on a new line driven as much by female empowerment as her impeccable sense of style.

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After switching from wholesale and retail to a direct-to-consumer business model Tamara approached Hawke Media with one objective in mind: scale. With 80% of her business driven by Facebook, she signed Hawke’s Media Buying team to substantially ramp up total spend while keeping CPAs consistent.


  • Targeted approx. 100 top-funnel audiences using conservative manual bids to maintain CPAs
  • Retargeted mid-funnel audiences with three ad variants based on time since last site visit: dynamic product ads, value props, and third-party validation
  • Pushed cross- and up-selling to bottom-funnel audiences

Hawke’s paid social experts developed an innovative split-funnel approach. Using Facebook’s various targeting options, Hawke targeted a vast array of top-funnel audiences, placing conservative manual bids within each audience — a unique strategy that put more emphasis on keeping CPAs constant than reaching a broader audience. Hawke retargeted three mid-funnel audiences with new messaging based on the time elapsed since their visit to the site. The first group was served dynamic product ads, the second was retargeting with the brand’s value props and strong community of female empowerment, and the last group was sent third-party validation messaging with press write-ups and buyer reviews. Bottom-funnel audiences were shown cross-sell and upsell ads, encouraging purchases by showing related products.

This intricate yet unorthodox method proved perfect for Tamara Mellon’s goals – purchases doubled alongside doubling the client’s ad spend, contributing to a 50% increase in overall revenues in only three months. CPAs remained constant, despite dramatically increased spend. Tamara was so thrilled with the results, she gave her Hawke team a few free pairs — not a bad bonus from a company that’s only run one sale in its entire history.

Tamara Mellon recently raised a $24M Series B financing round, bringing its total funding to $37M. We’re proud to have been a part of the growth that got them there.

Tamara Mellon Facebook ads


  • Overall Revenue