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Case Study

Tennis Pal

After launching a unique mobile platform connecting the tennis community by pairing people up with a tennis partner based on location and skill set, TennisPAL™ came to Hawke to differentiate themselves.

Tennis Pal people playing tennis

As a brand new app in a sea of millions scrambling for user growth, TennisPAL™ needed help developing its brand voice and acquiring downloads.


  • Detailed SWOT analysis
  • Multi-channel user growth plan
  • Tactical search campaigns with multiple audiences
  • Dynamic Facebook audience testing
  • Apple app store ad campaign

Hawke crafted a highly targeted tactical acquisition campaign that is still in place today. After identifying appropriate target markets and completing a detailed SWOT analysis, Hawke strategists prepared a rich channel plan that considered both digital and offline channels, including TV, radio and print.

Tennis Pal strategy

For our search ad campaigns, we focused spend on keywords related to tennis apps, as well as tournament keywords. However, instead of driving the app’s core value prop of finding a partner to play tennis with, we directed traffic to landing pages with a CTA urging users to stay up to date with tournament news via the TennisPAL app.
For non-branded search, we implemented an Alpha/Beta campaign structure to isolate spend on top converting keywords, minimizing cost per downloads over time.

On YouTube, we launched evergreen campaigns targeting tennis fans with an engaging video driving to a landing page to legitimize the app and value props. During tournaments, we used the same strategy as we did with search ads, targeting users who searched for tournament-related keywords on Google search.

Finally, for display advertising, we leveraged our YouTube audiences by targeting YouTube viewers who have never been to the website with cost-per-click display ads.

Tennis Pal Google ads

We identified qualified interest audiences and core lookalike audiences without retargeting, as app downloads are unlikely to occur after several impressions.

We’ve focused heavier ad spend during major pro tournaments (like Wimbledon and the US Open), with lower-budget drip campaigns to keep audiences warm during the off-season.

We also identified that tying copy into the tournament that’s running at the moment produces stronger performance than using more generic copy just talking about the app and its features.

Tennis Pal Facebook ads

Hawke strategists piloted a comprehensive, multi-channel digital marketing plan that gave our client direct, actionable insight into what channels in their marketing mix would truly drive revenue in order to capitalize on their strong brand.

Tennis Pal Apple Store ads


  • Grew Users

  • Cost Per Install