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Case Study

The Getty Store

The Getty Museum Store offers home décor, apparel, replicas, and books. When public spaces temporarily closed in 2020, the store came to Hawke Media to expand reach without the foot traffic on which it normally relied.

Getty Museum Store cover graphic

The Getty Store relied on the foot traffic it got in its two different museum locations. When the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 temporarily closed and then limited capacity at the attractions, the museum retailer had to find new ways to reach people fast. When they came to Hawke Media, the challenge was to expand reach and awareness of the online store.

  • Use dynamic ads in paid social media
  • Leverage paid search ads to grow email list
  • Build brand sentiment and awareness with influencers

Paid media was the primary strategy implemented by Hawke Media to get The Getty Store’s digital marketing off the ground. Dynamic ads allowed Getty to get in front of prospects looking for this unique kind of merchandise. Paid ads promoted free shipping for those who signed up for communications from the store. This provided a marketable discount without compromising the integrity of the high-quality products. The strategy also included an evergreen influencer campaign. Hawke reached out to several tastemakers in arts, style, and interior design.

The Getty Sore paid ads examples

The Getty Museum Store began working with Hawke Media in Q4 of 2020 and continued throughout 2021. Approximately 80% of its online customers in the 2021 holiday season were first-time buyers, showing the success of reaching a broader audience. The influencer campaign reached over 200,000 followers.