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Case Study


Ulike Hair Removal provides painless and safe body hair removal at home for women and men.


In an increasingly competitive digital marketplace, ULIKE faced the formidable challenge of establishing a significant presence on the Amazon platform within the United States. Despite offering superior products, ULIKE struggled to navigate the complex landscape of U.S. consumer behaviors, regulatory hurdles, and the critical need for strategic affiliate partnerships. Recognizing these challenges, ULIKE engaged with our services to harness the power of affiliate marketing, aiming to amplify their market entry, enhance product visibility, and dramatically increase sales through the influence of key opinion leaders.


ULIKE’s entry into the U.S. market was hindered by several substantial barriers:

  • Market Entry: As a non-U.S.-based company, ULIKE lacked insight into local consumer behavior and regulatory compliance, complicating their efforts to establish a market presence.
  • Affiliate Network Development: Essential for driving sales through affiliate marketing, ULIKE required a robust local affiliate network—a critical component absent in their strategy, which is particularly crucial in a vast and diverse market like the U.S.


Our strategy was twofold, designed to overcome each identified challenge with precision and innovation:

  • Market Analysis and Strategy Development: We conducted extensive market research to decode U.S. consumer behavior, trends, and regulatory standards. This foundational knowledge allowed us to craft a bespoke market entry strategy, tailored specifically to ULIKE’s unique offerings and goals.
  • Affiliate Network Establishment: Recognizing the indispensable role of a local affiliate network, we meticulously identified and engaged with influential opinion leaders and influencers. These partnerships were central to our strategy, aimed at leveraging their vast networks to boost ULIKE’s visibility and sales on Amazon.


Our approach materialized through several key initiatives and adjustments:

  • Strategic Partnerships with Opinion Leaders: By aligning with well-respected influencers, we tapped into pre-established audiences, significantly increasing product visibility and trust.
  • Adaptive Marketing Strategies: Throughout our engagement, we remained agile—testing different affiliate marketing strategies, making necessary pivots, and continuously exploring innovative ideas to enhance campaign performance.
  • Targeted Affiliate Marketing Initiatives: Focused on driving high-intent traffic to ULIKE’s Amazon listings, our affiliate marketing efforts were tailored to resonate with the U.S. audience, maximizing conversion opportunities.


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