Hawke Content Boosts Organic Traffic and Pageviews

Hawke Content Boosts Organic Traffic and Pageviews

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WeRecover is an online platform that helps people battling with substance abuse find recovery centers that fit their needs. They came to us to create editorial content for landing pages that would target ten different audiences deemed more likely to battle substance abuse than other groups. These affinity audiences included lawyers, dentists, and extreme athletes, to name a few. At the time, they were not ranking in first-place searches for relevant keyword searches.

After auditing the client’s existing content for insights, Hawke strategists ideated topics for written content that would capture the intrigue of these groups and provide them with potentially life-saving information on addiction recovery, bringing them closer to seeking proper care. In order to produce authentic content that empathized with the reader, we recruited a team of expert contributors in the addiction recovery space, as well as writers whose expertise lay in the affinity groups, like doctors and lawyers.

As the working relationship with WeRecover grew stronger, the client engaged SEO services, including a full optimization of their website’s backend, and expanded content efforts to include search-driven content geared toward strengthening domain authority, improving visibility in search engine queries, and acquiring new audiences. Hawke experts identified keyword opportunities, crafted editorial guidelines, and built a strong community of contributing writers to produce editorial content that answered important questions pertinent to the brand and its key audiences.

Hawke-produced content has earned ten (and growing) first-page keyword rankings, resulting in 3x growth in organic traffic and a 1.5x increase in organic pageviews.


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