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10 Ways of Giving Back to the Community (And Why it is Good for Business)
November 1, 2022 - By Hawke Media

10 Ways of Giving Back to the Community (And Why it is Good for Business)

There are plenty of ways that businesses give back to the community that has helped make them profitable. More than just a way to say thanks and spread goodwill, though, capitalizing on business outreach ideas allows companies to build brand awareness, generate positive PR, and more. 

These are the top benefits of giving back to the community as well as ten business outreach ideas for companies that are looking for ways to help their community flourish. 

Benefits of Giving Back to the Community and Corporate Sponsorships 

Businesses that give back to the community and participate in local business sponsorships are able to enjoy a number of benefits

  • Building brand awareness in the community: Giving back to the community is an excellent way to let potential customers in that community know that your company exists and helps you generate positive brand awareness. 
  • Earned media: Media outlets will often cover sponsorships and community outreach efforts, serving as free advertising for your company and helping further build your brand awareness. 
  • Employee morale and purpose: Everyone wants to feel like they are a part of a meaningful cause. This makes giving back to the community a great way to boost employee morale and provide your employees with a sense of purpose. 
  • Positive public relations: Businesses that give back to the community tend to enjoy a lot of positive PR and goodwill within the community. 
  • Certain tax benefits: Charitable expenses are often tax-deductible, meaning that your company may receive certain tax benefits for its community outreach efforts. 

Top 10 Ways to Give Back to the Community

1. Offer Products or Services Pro Bono

The best resource your company has to offer is likely its own product or service, so why not offer the products and services to your community pro bono? There are several ways to go about this, whether it’s holding a raffle and donating the proceeds to charity, giving away free products at a community event, or donating products directly to a local charity.  

2. Donate to Nonprofits 

Arguably the most straightforward way to give back to your community is to donate some of your business’s proceeds to local charities and non-profits. This may not be as creative or exciting as some of the other outreach ideas on our list, but it’s certainly a simple yet effective way to give back, and the easiest to benefit from in terms of perks come tax season. 

3. Sponsor a Local Team 

Local sports teams are always in need of sponsors to fund expenses such as uniforms, equipment, and travel. Sponsoring a local team helps your business give back by providing teams with the funds they need to compete and can also serve as a great PR/marketing opportunity. 

4. Sponsor School Events 

Sponsoring school events offers many of the same benefits as sponsoring local teams. It provides your business with the opportunity to help out the youth in your community while also generating positive press and helping build your brand recognition. 

5. Build a Presence at Community Events 

Schools aren’t the only entity in your community that hosts events, and community events like festivals, craft shows, and block parties can all be great events to build your brand. Along with sponsoring these events, try to build a presence at them as well – i.e. setting up a booth for your business at a community festival. 

6. Have Your Employees Volunteer Their Time 

You may be able to help out your community by donating your company’s human resources. Hosting a volunteer day at your company where employees are given the option to spend the workday volunteering their time to charitable causes is a highly visible and helpful way for your company to give back to the community. 

7. Hold Donation Drives 

Encouraging your employees and customers to donate to charitable causes by holding donation drives is an excellent way to support the causes and organizations that have the biggest impact in your community. Consider agreeing to match employee/customer contributions for even more impact and positive public relations. 

8. Host Blood Drives

According to the American Red Cross, approximately 29,000 units of red blood cells are needed every day in the United States. Hosting a blood drive at your place of business helps meet this urgent need while also being one of the most expense-free ways for your business to give back.  

9. Partner With Other Local Businesses 

You can partner with other local businesses to host charitable events and community outreach campaigns, or you can partner with them on new business collaborations. Either way, you’ll be helping out your community by supporting fellow small business owners that make up its backbone.   

10. Commit to Eco-Friendly Practices 

Committing to going green with environmentally friendly practices is a way for your business to give back to the entire planet and every creature that lives there. It’s something that the local customers in your community are likely to care about too, however, given that 66% of customers state that they consider sustainability when they make a purchase.

Giving back to the community helps build your brand, but for technical branding experts, contact Hawke Media today.

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