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November 4, 2020 - By Hawke Media

12 Days of Holiday Marketing Tips

Celebrate the holidays with good tidings and good cheer! Hawke Media’s COO & Co-Founder, Tony Delmercado is here to offer you 12 marketing tips that will help you plan your marketing into the new year. 

Watch and enjoy our “12 Days of Marketing Tips” to shore up your strategy leading into the holidays. There’s nothing like peace of mind and maybe you’ll even have a laugh or two as Tony takes you on a whimsical ride to holiday marketing success. 

Check Your Calendars Twice 

Make sure your content and promotional calendars are all set before you break out the eggnog and mulled wine or else it’s going to be a long night.

Ghosting Is So 3 Months Ago

Be sure to create automated email sequences for customers that visit your site and personalize them based on their actions, especially shoppers that abandon their carts. 

Shopping carts get lonely, too. Do the right thing and give as many as you can the chance to find a home.

The 3 Wise Guide(line)s

Make sure your content says something useful for your audience. Whenever possible, include something they can take action on or that can positively impact their lives.

See what I did there?

Story Time

Instagram stories are an interesting exercise in storytelling. How can you fit your brand and your message into a few seconds? 

Be purposeful. Be direct. Be concise.

That’s it.


Recognize relevant promotional opportunities on your calendar and tie in your content accordingly. Each holiday or event is an opportunity to reach customers and connect with them.

Don’t mix up your Kwanzaa sale outreach and Christmas promo! Take it from someone who’s had to learn the hard way.

Say It Again for the People in the Back!

Word of mouth marketing isn’t as tough as it seems. It really “just” comes down to customer experience at every touchpoint. 

Make sure you’re managing each interaction for maximum impact.

Hitch Your Wagon to the Right Pony

Choosing to work with influencers can grow your brand awareness like wildfire. However, it’s important to choose the right influencer for needs.

A men’s clothing outfitter tailored to more petite sizing would necessarily want to bring on Shaq as an ambassador. 

Be Mindful of Your Touchpoints

Keep a consistent message throughout your buyer’s journey. Attempt to make every stage more informative than the last while driving them toward a solution. 

The solution is your product or service.

Stay Mellow

Affiliate marketing is a low-risk way to advertise your brand. CBD brands can use this channel to drive sales without the risk of losing revenue to up-front costs. 

The influencer you work with has an incentive to drive sales. 

Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee

Make sure your mobile site or app is fast and responsive. Adding irrelevant images or content can leave your pages bloated and sluggish, like the feeling you get after a big family dinner.


I Got Fake People Showin’ Fake Love to Me

Like Tony said, an Instagram giveaway is a great way to gain new followers. But beware, those new followers might only be there for the loot. Expect engagement to fall off. 

But cherish the real ones that stick around.

Keep It Outside of the Family

It’s much easier to look at puppies on the internet than it is to own one. The cost of caring for a puppy can really stack up with vet bills, food for your pup’s special diet because he has a sensitive stomach and so so many chew toys. And in the end you only get to see the same puppy every day.

This is an analogy for your in-house marketing and how expensive it can get while you take on more risk if you don’t hire the right person or that person decides to leave. Outsourcing provides the biggest opportunity, plus unparalleled accountability and less risk.

Not sure about this yet? Take a look!