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September 14, 2023 - By Hawke Media

3 Content Marketing Tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Cyber Week generates over $20 billion in revenue, with a majority of customers purchasing both in stores and online. Though we’re well into Q4, there’s still time for your brand to implement a content strategy that complements your paid media efforts with SEO-driven pieces that drive organic reach and traffic.

Read on for expert content marketing tips and learn how to leverage SEO-driven content for Black Friday and Cyber Monday success.

1. Post Black Friday/Cyber Monday Content Now

After you publish a post on your owned-and-operated blog, you’ll typically need to wait at least three months before you start to see any kind of SEO traction.

Like wine, blog posts need time to get indexed by Google and begin to rank for your targeted keywords. A lot of factors are at play, ranging from the degree of keyword competition to the quality and readability of the content itself. So what can you control about the process?

Posting your content as early as possible and making sure that each blog post is SEO-friendly.

2. Create Gift Guides

Gift guides are a great way to capture top-of-funnel traffic and establish domain authority for high-volume search queries.

Create guides for each of your target audience demographics in easy-to-digest listicles such as “The 10 Best Gifts Your Millennial Friend Will Love,” or design an infographic that presents your products in a visual, easy-to-share way.

Then, in the month leading up to Black Friday, promote one product each day through Instagram Stories or your other social platforms, using a swipe-up link to take them back to your O-&-O site or Black Friday-specific landing page.

3. Plan Everything in Your Content Calendar

It hardly makes sense to glide into Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend without a game plan.

As you start to post your content pieces now to build SEO juice, meticulously track and draw up a plan of how you can deploy that content across organic social platforms, email newsletters, or syndication efforts in the weeks and months ahead. At Hawke Media, our team of content marketing experts can create a custom-built editorial calendar and help you manage your content assets!

Your Black Friday/Cyber Monday eCommerce sales hinge on the way you hone your content strategy and devise a detailed execution plan. While it’s not too late to start building content for the end of November, it’s best to act sooner rather than later. For more content marketing strategy and tips, reach out to Hawke Media and get your free consultation by filling out the form below!

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