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August 3, 2021 - By Phoebe Neuman

A Complete Guide to Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way for ecommerce business owners to extend their reach and increase credibility by leveraging the networks of top influencers in your industry. Many brands are familiar with promoting their products using affiliate links on top publishers and Instagrams, but you may not have thought about Pinterest affiliate marketing. 


The social media platform currently boasts more than 478 million active users each month and continues to grow. One of the benefits of Pinterest is that people visit the site searching for very specific information, from home decor tips to healthy recipes. Influencers who provide the content and inspiration people need can build a loyal following. By forging relationships with these influencers, you can get more eyes on your products that ultimately lead to sales. You’ll attract consumers at every stage of the buyer’s journey on Pinterest and if your chosen affiliates can educate and inspire them, the path to profitability is just a Pin away. 



Why Pinterest Affiliate Marketing? 

Pinterest makes it easy to attract consumers through affiliate marketing. Two-thirds of all Pins are related to brands and products. While it’s smart to generate your own content on Pinterest to attract followers and inspire consumers, Pinterest affiliate marketing extends your reach. Robust tools such as Pinterest Analytics (Pinalytics) allows you to track and modify your campaigns for continued success. 


Features such as Shoppable Pins enable consumers to purchase your products, from your own Pins, Boards and ads, as well as from Pins created by influencers and affiliate marketers, without leaving the app. No other social network offers this feature right now. 


Pins Have a Longer Life Compared to Other Forms of Social Content

Pinterest content sticks around longer thanks to the structure of Pinterest as a visual library. Pins may keep appearing in feeds for months, rather than disappearing in a stream of new posts as it does on Facebook or Twitter. 


On average, 50% of page views from Pins come 3.5 months after the first Pinning. For comparison, the half-life of a tweet is just 24 minutes and a Facebook post lasts about 90 minutes. That puts the half-life of Pins at 1,068 times longer than a Facebook post. 


Because of this, you’ll want to choose content, products and deals that also have longevity. You may not want your influencers to share a 24-hour flash sale on Pinterest. Instead, you want to promote your mainstay, top-selling products through inspiring and creative Pins. 


What Industries Work Best with Pinterest Affiliate Marketing? 

As a highly visual medium, Pinterest works best for products that are equally visual and inspiring. Keep in mind that 60% of Pinners worldwide identify as women. The millennial market on Pinterest grows 35% each year, while GenZ users grow by 50%.  


If you work in any of the following industries, you may want to consider Pinterest affiliate marketing: 

  • Health & fitness
  • Fashion & Clothing
  • Household goods, especially kitchen tools and appliances
  • Food & Beverage
  • Vacation and Travel
  • Personal and Beauty care
  • Home decor
  • Furniture
  • Real estate


However, you can make Pinterest affiliate marketing work for virtually any type of product or service with a little creativity. Think about using infographics, lifestyle images, and videos to promote your brand. Partner with like-minded affiliates who can deliver the kind of content that will engage and inspire your target market. 


Partner with the Right Influencers for Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

The key to successful Pinterest affiliate marketing campaigns begins with finding the right influencers. Check out the “Top Pins” section of Pinterest to find the best-performing Pins in your industry and see who is posting them. Also search Pinterest Trends to find influencers posting the trendiest content in your field. 


Use the data in Pinterest Analytics to find your exact target demographic — the people who are already engaging with your content on the platform. Then, seek out influencers that match those demographics. 


As you create affiliate marketing campaigns, ask your influencers to share results, including Engagement and Save Rate. Then you can modify campaigns based on results. Some audiences may respond better to different types of content and, likewise, some influencers may work best in certain mediums – such as video or Shoppable Pins. By tracking these results, you can match the products and content to the right influencer for the best results with every campaign.  


You can find influencers on your own or you can go through an affiliate marketing network or an influencer marketing company to connect with the right people to support your brand. 


How to Entice Top Influencers 

Once you’ve found influencers, you’ll need to offer them cash to create content and elevate and amplify your messaging on Pinterest. Having generous affiliate payouts can help, but some influencers earn cash for campaigns. 


Do the research specific to your industry to determine what you’ll need to pay for a successful affiliate marketing campaign. Some influencers will work with you to create their own keyword-rich content based around your products, while others will Pin your posts and videos to extend your brand’s reach across their own network. 


Get Help to Boost the ROI of Your Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Working with influencers on Pinterest to drive traffic to your website and increase sales isn’t hard. But it does require specialized knowledge, time, creativity and patience to keep revising your campaigns and building relationships with new influencers until you find the ones who deliver the most bang for your buck. 


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Dawn Allcot is a full-time freelance writer and content marketing specialist who frequently covers marketing, e-commerce, finance, real estate, and technology. She is also the owner and founder of, a travel and lifestyle website. 



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