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November 4, 2020 - By Hawke Media

Get Acquainted With Guerrilla Marketing

Why Guerrilla Marketing?

Consider guerrilla marketing when you want to try a new approach. No matter what your current marketing goals are or what your current strategy looks like, you can always try guerrilla marketing. This is true as it relies on creativity, time, and energy as opposed to a budget that may be deployed in a more structured, traditional way.

Strategy Over Tactics

Strategies are goal oriented, and tactics are simply the actions you take to achieve your goal by executing your strategy. Focus on what you want to achieve and then focus on how you want to achieve it. Your guerrilla marketing strategy is the backbone of your efforts. With a poor strategy, no matter how potent your tactics are, your strategy will still likely yield the results it was destined to.

Customers Over Competition

What comes to mind when you think of guerrilla marketing? Common answers tied to the typical perceptions may include aggression, violence, ruthlessness, and anything else related to literally and figuratively “combatting” the competition. This is what we call a distraction from who really matters, which are your customers. Don’t focus on the competition, focus on your customers. I would like to think, and continue to believe, that genuine marketing strategy wins long term. Think about how smart, strategic, and real your strategy will be and not how aggressive and violent you think your guerrilla efforts need to be.

Be Different. That’s It.

You don’t have to sell the best product or the best service. Nor do you have to spend the biggest budget or do what anyone else is doing. guerrilla marketing is founded on you being different in the eyes of your customers. Hit them at a different angle but focus on what they want and you just may have found a guerrilla marketing strategy that works.


You run a company that sells high-end VIP meet-and-greet tickets for the top artists in the entertainment industry. You’ve been relying on cold calling wealthy individuals as well as upscale hotel concierges to form partnerships. Here’s the catch—you’ve been successful doing this. Let’s say we have a $5,000 budget. For high potential bang for your buck, you consider guerrilla marketing. You think, where does my typical wealthy customer hang out? You think of a popular shopping street where you know your ideal customer indulges in weekend shopping.

  • You sign up for a pop-up shop you heard about on that street.
  • You put together a raffle for a few VIP ticket packages for the hot artist in town worth a total of $4,000.
  • You make a sign and charge $5 and require an address for each raffle entry.

In one month, 1,124 people enter the raffle generating $5,620 in revenue and more than a thousand new email addresses. Additionally, you estimate another 4,000 people read your branded sign during the month of the pop-up shop, and 15 percent of those people were intrigued enough to Google your company. About one percent of those people ended up buying a ticket worth $2,000 from you in the next three years. Of the 15 percent of people who Google your company, 6 percent told friends about your business, and 0.5 percent of those people either bought a ticket themselves or told a friend who ended up buying a ticket later on.This all equates to $20,205.52 in revenue as a result of your guerrilla marketing campaign with which you only risked $5,000 in budget for trying something different!This all equates to $20,205.52 in revenue as a result of your guerrilla marketing campaign with which you only risked $5,000 in budget for trying something different!

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