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November 4, 2020 - By Hawke Media

Adopt a Puppy from Found Animals at Hawkefest 2019

Instead of a basic tote bag and keychain that other conferences give to attendees, Hawkefest 2019 (the anti-conference) is taking it to a whole new level by partnering with Found Animals.

On the day of the event, Found Animals will be offering Hawkefest guests an opportunity to adopt their very own puppy! Not only can you gain valuable insights from marketing industry pros, but now, you can potentially leave with a new best friend! 

Hawkefest 2019 is all about creating a memorable experience and Found Animals is sure to add a dash of magic to the celebration. 

Here’s why the nonprofit is the perfect partner for Hawkefest 2019: 

Found Animals Gives Pets a Home

Pets give endless love, compassion, loyalty, and cuddles, but they’re not the best at taking care of themselves. 

At Found Animals, they understand that pets need an advocate that gives them the resources to live healthy and happy lives. By providing them with shelter, protection, and lots of affection, the organization specializes in matching the best animals with the best owners. They believe that all pets are meant to be with good people, and they’ve been changing lives on both spectrums for 14 years.

Throughout their lifetime, these are the things they’ve accomplished…

  • People have given over 137,000 volunteer hours 
  • From abandoned or donated animals, 3,200,000 pets have been spayed/neutered
  • Over $15,000,000 have been awarded in grants and prize money
  • They’ve raised almost $3,000,000 in their savings pet challenge
  • Over 20,000 pets have been adopted

Along with these impressive stats, Found Animals also specializes in microchip installation and registration to track pets and ensure their safety at all times. Their online portal makes it simple to register your pet’s information online, find a clinic nearest you, and learn the latest tools in monitoring your pet’s whereabouts if they ever go missing. 

Plus, they offer lots of other ways to get involved and spend more time with more furry friends. 

How to Adopt a Puppy at Hawkefest 2019

Other than applying to Hawkefest 2019 and securing your admission, the only thing you have left to do is show up and lock eyes with a new puppy!

Delaney Dawson/Unsplash

Once you find your canine companion, Found Animals will walk you through the necessary paperwork to complete your ownership. They’ll even have other goodies for you to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Only an anti-conference can offer such life-changing moments, and with Found Animals at Hawkefest 2019, you’re bound to be amazed. 

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