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November 4, 2020 - By Hawke Media

4 Tips for Taking Advantage of Amazon Prime Day

For the first time ever, Amazon is expanding Prime Day over two days on July 15th and July 16th. 2019 is expected to be the biggest Amazon Prime Day ever, generating between $5 to $6 billion (up from $4.19 in 2018 and $2.41 billion in 2017).

Since Prime Day began 4 years ago, Amazon US Prime Day shoppers have grown 20.5%, with sales approaching those of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Prime Day has become such an important ecommerce “holiday” that it should be part of any brand’s Amazon strategy. Here’s how you can take advantage of Amazon Prime Day to boost sales on the platform:

1 – Product Pages

Ensure that your product pages are optimized for top performing keywords. If your product page is not optimized with top keywords, your products will be less likely to show up in organic searches.

Get professional images if you don’t already have them – product image quality directly affects conversion rates. Having a good product page is the fundamental necessity required to position your business for success on Amazon.

2 – Prime Exclusive Discounts

Amazon is introducing a new Prime Exclusive Discounts program. Sellers who participate in this program will be able to display a special Prime Day Deals badge during Prime Day, in addition to having their old price crossed out and replaced with the new offer.

Putting your product in this program is a great way to stand out during one of the busiest shopping days. But sellers can only participate if they sell through FBA and must register before July 5th, so hurry!

3 – Coupons & Promotions

If you are not able to be featured on Amazon’s Lightning Deals, you should run coupons or promotions. Offer a hefty discount of at least 25-40% off and run a substantial advertising campaign (at least 50% of your normal monthly budget). Your coupons and discounts will be displayed when you run your campaign and will attract more interest from customers.

4 – Focus on Best-Selling Products

Don’t use Amazon Prime Day as a way to liquidate inventory that doesn’t sell well. Focus on promoting your best products. The sales velocity that you gain during Prime Day will stick with you for days and weeks to come.

This can improve your organic ranking for your keywords, which in turn can increase your sales, resulting in better keyword ranking and so on, creating a positive cycle to grow your sales.