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May 9, 2022 - By Hawke Media

Best Practices for Video Content on Social Media

You probably know that video marketing continues to grow. Sites like TikTok are completely centered on video, and with cameras on mobile devices becoming more and more sophisticated, it’s easier than ever to capture and upload video to your favorite social media account. But not all cameras and video technical specifications across social platforms are the same. So, what is the best way to create effective social media video content for each platform? What are some video marketing best practices?

You’ve come to the right place! Let’s break it down for you.


TikTok is without any question the fastest growing social media platform of all time, exceeding 1 billion users in just a few years. It is also the world’s most-downloaded social media app. TikTok has perfected the art of quick and catchy videos, and is the most video-centric social media platform of them all. Here’s what you need to know to build a great TikTok video.

Video specs and dimensions

  • The recommended aspect ratio for all TikTok videos is 9:16.
  • Resolution options include 720px x 1280px, 640px x 640px, and 1280px x 720px.
  • Videos can be anywhere between 5 and 60 seconds long, but videos with a duration of 9 to 15 seconds perform best.


TikTok’s viewers are highly engaged, but they are also highly selective. There is zero opportunity for fluff or extra explanation for most TikTok videos. You simply have to get to the point as quickly as possible within a few seconds. Share your main takeaway within the first few seconds, explain or demonstrate as needed within the next 5 to 10 seconds and try to wrap up your video with a clear call to action in no more than 20 or 25 seconds.

TikTok does have the option to create longer videos, and if you want to go this route, make sure your content is engaging all the way through. 


Facebook is the king of social media, with more than 2.8 billion monthly active users. Here’s what you need to know.

Video specs and dimensions

  • Recommended size: 1280 x 720px.
  • Minimum width: 600 px.
  • Supported aspect ratios: 16:9 (horizontal), 9:16 (full portrait), 2:3 (vertical), 4:5 (vertical), square (1:1).
  • Videos can be as long as 240 minutes, as large as 4GB and have a maximum frame rate of 30fps.


While the Facebook audience might not be as demanding and selective as the TikTok audience, it’s still important to get your point across quickly. Front-facing camera views that showcase someone’s face or the upper half of their body work well. A great video might include a clear call-to-action or summary at the beginning, a clear problem, an explanation of a solution and a clear call to action at the end, with a length not exceeding four minutes or so.


Instagram is a highly-engaged platform, owned by Facebook, that was originally the go-to place for sharing pictures, but has now turned into a video source that rivals TikTok. Here’s what you need to know.

Video specs and dimensions

Instagram can support several types of video, but here are the best specs: 

  • Square video: 600 x 600 px (1:1 aspect ratio).
  • Horizontal video: 600 x 315 px (1.9:1 aspect ratio).
  • Vertical video: 600 x 750 px (4:5 aspect ratio).
  • Recommended specs: .MP4 or .MOV format.


Instagram videos are short (shorter than TikTok), so it’s best to keep your message very to-the-point. Start with a great hook or question and finish quickly with a call to action.


Twitter is more text-oriented, but videos do have their place on this quick-text platform. Here’s what you need to know

Video specs and dimensions

  • Recommended size: 1280 x 1024 px.
  • Minimum size: 32 x 32 px.
  • Maximum size: 1920 x 1200 px
  • Supported aspect ratios: between 1:2.39 – 2.39:1.

Recommended sizes:

  • At 256K bitrate: 320 x 180 px.
  • At 768K bitrate: 640 x 360 px.
  • At 2048K bitrate: 1280 x 720 px.

Recommended specs: use .MP4 for the web, .MOV format for mobile, video cannot exceed 140 seconds in length. However, we have seen longer videos, as shown above.


Twitter displays video on a smaller screen, so keep your content big, bright, flashy, and very to the point.


LinkedIn video is slowly becoming more popular. Here’s what you need to know.

Video specs and dimensions

Linkedin Shared Videos:

  • Maximum size: 4,096 x 2,304 px.
  • Minimum size: 256 x 144 px.
  • Supported aspect ratios: 1:2:4 to 2:4:1
  • Recommended specs: .ASF, .AVI, .FLV, .MOV, .MPEG-1, .MPEG-4, .MKV, and .WebM, maximum file size 5GB, maximum 10 minutes long, maximum frame rate 60fps


Business-like, informative, inspirational. You’re in a business meeting!


Snapchat is a great resource for building video ads that can drive to a new site. Here’s what you need to know.

Video specs and dimensions

Snapchat 10-second video ads:

  • Recommended size: 1080 x 1920 px (9:16 aspect ratio).
  • Recommended specs: .MP4 or MOV, H.264 encoded, between 3 and 10 seconds long, maximum file size 32MB.

Snapchat Long-Form Video Ads:

  • Recommended size: 1080 x 1920 px.
  • Supported aspect ratios: 9:16 or 16:9.
  • Recommended specs: .MP4 or MOV, minimum 15 seconds long (no maximum length), maximum file size 1GB.


Keep it very simple and quick, and use as many colors or symbols as possible to drive to your link.

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