November 4, 2020 - By Hawke Media

7 Best Valentine’s Day Campaigns 2020: Hoping to Get Lucky (or Not)

Branding Creative

1 Teleflora

A flower delivery service is usually a shoo-in for Valentine’s Day. Just throw on some Kenny G, chill the bubbly, dim the lights, get your heart-shaped box of chocolate, then sprinkle rose petals haphazardly around the room. Boom! You’ve got a flower ad.

Teleflora took it in a very different direction and you can’t really fault them for it because it’s hilarious and reminds you of all of the useless junk you have to find a place for in your cramped apartment that’s really only appropriate one day a year.

2 Caveman Coffee

Do you want your V-Day to be more of a U-Day? For the relationship that has run out juice or never really got off of the ground(s), Caveman Coffee is offering a way to say what you might not really know how to with, the Break-UP Box.

Equal parts funny and exhilarating, this gift could help you solve more problems than one.

3 Twitter

The birds were chirping for this social media staple’s offline Valentine’s Day escapades. Twitter took to the streets, or rather the underground of three metropolitan cities to spread messages of love like a canary in a coal mine. 

Like being “screenshotted” and sent to the group chat, Twitter posted tweets from users in subway stations throughout three cities to capture the spirit of love. 

4 Pepsi

Have you been in a relationship for a while and it’s time to show your partner that you haven’t been dragging your feet? Get an ultimatum lately? Want to avoid the judging stares and snide, thinly-veiled comments of your significant other’s friends and relatives? Or are you just ready to take that big leap of faith with a special someone?

Well, Pepsi’s got the answer for you to give that special moment a little extra oomph! Pepsi resurrected an icon by giving away a lab-grown diamond engagement ring made with Crystal Pepsi.

5 Burger King

Nothing’s better than going against the grain like a good head scratch or sanding an old wooden table. Like that terrible metaphor, BK is pushing back against the traditional Valentine’s Day narrative by piggybacking on the “Birds of Prey” release and going full Harleen Quinzel by offering restaurant-goers in select cities who bring in pictures, letters, and mementos from exes to get a free Whopper.

That’s not a bad deal. What better way to give a big middle fing*r to Valentine’s Day and everything it stands for than spending it in line at a Burger King getting rid of an effigy of someone you want to forget. 

6 Resy

Who doesn’t love pizza? It’s one of the most versatile ingredient platforms in the food world–no disrespect to soup. How do you feel about free pizza?

Resy is mobilizing and doing a pizza pop-up! That was probably misleading because I don’t think they’ll deliver, but if you’re in New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles, shoot your shot and try to score a pizza from one of Resy’s three iconic partners: Pasquale Jones, Pizzeria Bebu, and Jon & Vinny’s.

7 Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

This one’s all about the smiles. Bringing a little light into the day of a kid who’s spending their Valentine’s Day in a hospital bed is the best thing you can do. All it’ll cost you is a few minutes of your day and some kind words.

Did I mention that for every card sent $1 will be donated to CHLA? You’re practically printing money!