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November 4, 2020 - By Hawke Media

Why CannaNest Is the Best Cannabiz Event in 2020

In 2020, we are blazing ahead with a mindset toward growth in the cannabis community! 

Canna get a heck yeah? 

This year will include so much to look forward to and we wanted to celebrate with Hawke Media’s highly anticipated CannaNest, the newest cannabis business soirée in LA. 

This event is so much more than just networking. We’re building a community of cannabis thought leaders and rising stars, fostering growth and collaboration with each of our carefully curated activations. 

Highlights on January 23rd will include:

  • House sounds by two of Hawke’s very own, featuring DJ TRACE//RETRACE coming fresh off of appearances on Thump @ Vice, Brownies & Lemonade by Insomniac, Nap Girls, Space Yacht, and Ham on Everything.  
  • Exclusive premiere activations like signature CBD mocktails, an intention setting curated by Papa & Barkley, CBD infused massages and a content creation station for sharing your industry story. 
  • Thought leadership panel discussion covering the execution of cannabis campaigns and a fireside chat on acquiring new customers 


Opening Remarks

by Special Guest Bruce Margolin

As the expert medical marijuana lawyer in Los Angeles, Bruce M. Margolin has successfully defended many individuals charged with cannabis-related criminal offenses. 

As a leading California criminal defense attorney, he has dedicated his practice to helping individuals fight marijuana charges, which historically, have been serious offenses over the years (even for minor offenses). Mr. Margolin continues to support the legalization of marijuana and is actively involved in the fight for legislative reform regarding marijuana laws.

Bruce M. Margolin prepares and files marijuana business applications for his clients throughout the state of California. His law firm ensures that clients are regularly informed on the evolving California laws, including the Medical Marijuana Safety Act. He takes pride in spearheading progressive legal reform for the medical marijuana industry, as well as appropriately educating clients on the everchanging cannabis laws – especially those regarding both state and local licensing issues.

The Speakers

Angela Pih –  Chief Marketing Officer of Papa & Barkley


Growth accelerator. Brand whisperer. Creative marketer specializing in fast-paced companies, bridging business challenges with marketing solutions to build powerful global brands.

An accelerator, spearheading strategic and creative initiatives that energize brands and drive business results. Successfully partnered and guided many industry-leading Fortune 100 companies. Strong collaborator with internal teams and external partners in the development of campaigns and marketing programs.

Angela was named by The Drum as a Top Female Talent of Color in 2018. Her expertise is with Executive Leadership, Brand Transformation, Growth Strategy and Acceleration, Development and Retention of High-Performing Teams, Creative Content, Omni-Channel Marketing, Customer Experience, Communication, Operational efficiency, and Lifecycle Marketing.

Angela is an avid traveler, having visited over 40 countries and lived on three continents. 

Harrison Baum – Founder & CEO at Daily High Club™



Harrison Baum is the Founder & CEO at Daily High Club™, the world’s most popular smoking subscription box company. Harrison is a serial entrepreneur with expertise in digital marketing, social media and influencer marketing, e-commerce, and business with vast, forward-thinking knowledge in the cannabis space. 

He is a comedian with a knack for connecting with the masses. Harrison founded Daily High Club™ in 2015 with the idea of a “$1 smoking subscription box”. The idea immediately saw traction from a single Reddit post and Daily High Club™ was born.

In addition to monthly themed subscription boxes (like its popular Tommy Chong box, Halloween box, and Pride Box), Daily High Club™ is renowned for its fun, high-quality glass bongs. The bongs come in colorful shapes and sleek designs including its Scientific Bongs, Honey Bear, Tank Bong, and the Champagne Bottle bongs. 

Daily High Club™ remains the powerhouse in the industry and the go-to place for bongs, boasting 570K+ social followers, recurring partnerships with high-profile brand advocates including Tommy Chong, Cypress Hill’s B-Real, Chanel West Coast, and others. The company has sold nearly 500,000 bongs to date. 

Harrison is a member of WeedWeek Council and has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, HuffPost, Benzinga, and other top tier media. 


Kimberly Dillon – Founder of Plant & Prosper 


Kimberly Dillon is the founder of Plant & Prosper, a Consulting Collective for the Cannabis and Hemp industries. Plant & Prospers helps purpose-driven brands grow with brand and strategic management services. 

She is also the founder of Frigg, a beauty line that taps into the power of Cannabis. 

She got her start in Cannabis as the CMO of Papa & Barkley, a Cannabis startup that she helped grow to a 30 Million dollar business in 2.5 years and whose products are #1 or #2 in their respective categories. 

Named a “Brand star” by Adweek for her story-driven approach to branding, she also serves as a mentor to the Initiative (cannabis accelerator) and is an advisor to a number of Cannabis and CBD Brands.

She has spoken on the topics of Cannabis as Wellness, and Building Authentic Cannabis Brands at a number of key conferences including Goop, SXSW, and NCIA. Prior to Cannabis she worked at several Blue Chip companies like Procter & Gamble and Clorox. She has two undergraduate degrees from the University of Pittsburgh and a MBA from the University of Michigan. 

Kimberly lives in Los Angeles, where she performs standup comedy in her free time and is working on her 42nd passport stamp.

Madison FIore – Head of Growth at Hawke Media

Madison Fiore is a Performance Marketing and Business Strategist at his core. Over the last 10 years, he has worked with and professionally consulted over 200 brands. 

As the Director of Growth at Hawke Media, an award-winning Outsourced CMO and marketing agency, Madison has helped scale the agency from less than 50 employees to over 150 by growing, grooming and managing Hawke’s 20+ member consulting team. In less than three years with Hawke Media, Madison has contributed to remarkable revenue growth from $5M in 2017 to $20M+ in 2019.

Primarily focused on the cannabis industry, he has worked with more than 30 of the most prestigious brands in the space, spoke at cannabis events nationwide, and is currently Council for Weedweek, a cannabis publication based in Los Angeles.

Prior to Hawke, Madison co-founded and launched three brands while consulting on dozens of other projects with clients in a variety of industries. This experience led to his passion for supporting brands’ growth. 

As an entrepreneur and brand marketing expert, Madison has become a trusted advisor and partner to companies of all shapes and sizes including Hawke Ventures.

Stefan Kalczynski – Director of Client Strategy at Hawke Media


Stefan Kalczynski is a Director of Client Strategy at Hawke Media, working with a multitude of brands in the cannabis and CBD verticals. 

After attending North Carolina State University, he spent the next 6 years in enterprise and small business sales with AT&T Mobility before transitioning to growth marketing.

He resides in Los Angeles and spends his free time chasing around Zuzu, his Australian Shepherd, when she gets off her leash.


Zack Johnson – Founder/ CEO of Greenbox Robotics


Zack studied International Relations with a minor in Marketing at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. 

In 2010, while still in college, Zack launched his first company, a record label. Six months after launching 1st Round Records, Johnson’s debut artist had the #1 album in the US & Australia. 

Zack had his first exit to Sony RCA in 2014. After transitioning out of the music business, Zack launched an athletic apparel company that focused on innovative textiles. Zack negotiated a partnership to make energyDNA the official apparel partner of the FIA Formula E Championship racing series.

Prior to launching greenbox robotics, Zack was the Director of Strategy and Business Development at the fastest growing marketing consultancy in the United States, Hawke Media. 

While in the Hawke’s nest Zack was the Chief Marketing Officer for five Los Angeles cannabis dispensaries, as well as a metal fabrication company that builds vending machines. The biggest pain point for each dispensary was not being able to service customers fast enough. This pain point, and the relationship with the metal fabrication company was the inspiration for greenbox.

Hosted by:  

Veronica Steele – Cannabis Brand Advocate at Hawke Media

To work within the California cannabis industry and to introduce effective, responsible marketing solutions is a dream come true for Veronica Steele. She is a connector and collaborator in the revolutionary world of cannabis and is dedicated to discovering growth strategies for brands over her lifetime. 

First starting out in Los Angeles as the Operations Manager at Evergreen Law, Veronica’s main focus was understanding complex cannabis regulations to interpret and simplify for non-legal experts interested in entering the legal supply chain. 

Before regulation enforcement and prior, she presented at the educational series called CannaLaw Connections. Presenting on topics like packaging and labeling requirements and CBD legality complexities, she has educated crowds in Hollywood, Irvine, San Diego, and New York City. 

Veronica has also appeared as a host on the podcast, Cannalaw Connections, where she thoroughly enjoys understanding individuals’ origin stories and what motivates their disciplines towards evolving.  

After providing legal education on licensing requirements, Veronica was motivated to join Hawke Media to provide next steps for building brands’ awareness and execution of digital revenue funnels. As the Cannabis Brand Advocate at Hawke Media, she introduces Fortune 100 level performance marketing growth strategies specifically to the cannabis sector for sustainability and empowerment. 

When not attending cannabis business events, Veronica is the happiest hiking, DJing, cooking and going to vinyasa yoga classes. Come meet her and all of our panelists at CannaNest, where cannabis thought leaders and rising stars converge to connect! 

Activations by: 

Cannabis Marketing Association

Exo CBD 


LA Norml

Maryjane Runway 

Papa & Barkley

Rip N Sip


Why you should come!

You’ll find a growth-minded approach to dispense knowledge that will help you scale your budding canna-business. If you are a thought leader, curious about the landscape, or looking to learn more about the efficacy of leading brands and discovering performance marketing strategies, reserve your spot here.  Best of all, this event is completely free, but spots are limited. Start your year on a high point with this celebration of cannabis and entrepreneurship.