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November 4, 2020 - By Hawke Media

Go Ape on Your Digital Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Guerrilla marketing is hard to come up with, but so simple and intuitive when pulled off. What you want to make sure you do is have it tie in with your core values. Let’s jump into a few examples of how a few different brands pulled off successful digital guerrilla marketing campaigns in the web space.

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity (often affectionately referred to as CAH) is a card game company whose wacky fun has taken the millennial world by storm. For Cyber Monday, when every other company was putting one sales, CAH decided they would dig a hole in the ground for as long as people would donate money to them on a specific landing page. Their slogan was “as long as money keeps coming in, we’ll keep digging” which ties into their core values of being blunt, snarky, salty, and full of sarcasm. In their FAQ page under the “why” question, they stated “Why aren’t you giving all this money to charity?” “Why aren’t YOU giving all this money to charity? It’s your money.”CAH ended up raising more than $100,000 in a week with basically very little cost and effort. What can we learn from this? Setting up a landing page, live-streaming some sort of content that aligns with your company values and speaks to your audience in unique ways is a great way to create a viral buzz. But you have to go all in if you want to shock and surprise your audience. If the CAH website was more tame, such as a more straightforward FAQ without the snarky comments, the digital guerrilla marketing campaign would not have been as successful as it was.

Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez is a one-man brand that made a name for himself through lots of social media influence and content marketing. His digital guerrilla marketing campaigns are littered through all of his content and has proven quite successful. When Tai is participating in a specific talk, he will walk through his mansion and show off his expensive luxury cars very frequently. In the midst of his talking, he’ll interject a little bit about how great the cars are or something about a new product that he sold that allowed him to buy the cars. This creates almost a micro-moment where people are caught off guard and surprised at the what Tai is talking about. After this moment, people are engaged and are taken to either his social media accounts or website.


In conclusion, sticking to your brand values is key to having a successful digital guerrilla marketing campaign. You wouldn’t care if CAH showed off cool cars or if Tai Lopez dug a hole on a live-stream, but it makes sense for their respective brands’ audiences and values.

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