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November 4, 2020 - By Hawke Media

Experiential Marketing – Should Your Brand be Doing it?

Experiential marketing, also known as interactive marketing, event marketing, or live marketing, directly engages consumers with brands through a memorable and (hopefully) positive experience. It can take a variety of forms – anything from an influencer event, pop-up shop, art installation, guerilla marketing, etc. Brands are getting exponentially more creative and thinking way outside the box to be on top.With the overwhelming amount of digital marketing in our daily lives, brands are now looking for a new way to break through the noise and cyber clutter, and experiential marketing is the answer for many (but definitely not for all).So how do you know if experiential marketing is right for your brand? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your product high quality/high price tag?
  • How long is the customer purchase decision?
  • What is your acquisition cost?

If you have a product that takes the consumer longer to purchase, or is a high-end luxury product, the learning curve is sped up when experiencing the product in person as opposed to online. There is a sense of trust when you get to chat with someone and asking all the questions your heart desires – we’ve all been there.

  • Does your product engage the senses?
  • Is it difficult to translate the features effectively online?

If you’ve got a tangible product that is best experienced in person, an experiential campaign could be the perfect way of reaching your customer. Casper, for example, specializes in selling the “perfect” mattress online. A huge part of their marketing strategy has been experiential marketing. Folks love their product after testing it out in one of their pop-up shops, or taking a snooze in the “nap mobile.” These guys are doing it right.Questions? Hit me up at [email protected].