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November 4, 2020 - By Hawke Media

Doing Business During The Coronavirus

There’s no denying that COVID-19 aka Coronavirus has made a significant impact in practically every aspect of our lives. You can’t go anywhere without hearing about it and in some cases, people literally can’t go anywhere. 

The impact on individual businesses and the economy as a whole has been massive with governments scrambling to put together bills and funding to help lessen the burden. However, this presents a different challenge to businesses that operate brick and mortar storefronts and rely on foot traffic like bars, restaurants, and gyms. 

Despite the bleak outlook, there’s a massive opportunity to look forward to during these times for many types of businesses. Whether you have to pivot to offer digital services, like gyms, or become takeout/pick-up only there’s an opportunity to continue growing and diversifying your offerings.

In a time when people are isolating themselves, you can’t rely on word of mouth or traditional means of advertising. We have to consider what the main objective of marketing is–to reach people where they are.

Now more than ever, we know where people are. They’re at home on their phones, laptops, and other devices because there aren’t many other alternatives when the world becomes closed off. 

Win with direct-to-consumer and e-commerce! Last year online sales topped out at about 13% when held up against brick and mortar.

People still want to shop and people are still working. More than ever people have disposable time and income and for any number of reasons they’re likely looking to spend out of necessity, boredom, or simply to feel in control of their surroundings again.

Use online platforms to learn what your customers are looking for and give it to them. It’s easier than ever to reach out and have a conversation with the community you’re attempting to build around your brand.

If you’re uncertain about what you should be doing to ensure that your business is pandemic-proof, take follow these tips and you may even begin to distance yourself from your competitors.