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November 4, 2020 - By Hawke Media

What Makes a Good Guerrilla Stunt & Marketing Campaign?

Guerrilla marketing—Yes, we have heard it all at some point in our lives. But which ones stick out to you? It’s usually just a handful, right? Those are the campaigns that are successful!One guerrilla marketing stunt that I will always remember was from the show Gossip Girl. Yup! I went there. It was when one of the characters, Jenny Humphrey, decided to crash a charity event dinner with her new fashion line. Why a charity event? Well, because she knew that investors were going to be at this event.It was a big risk to take, but she knew that even if all failed, she would at least gain publicity out of it. And we know that any publicity is good publicity. So what was this infamous stunt about? She hacked into the screens and displayed her new line and logo, she had models in her line jumping on the tables, and all of her business cards were flying across the room. Like any true successful guerrilla marketing stunt, it worked. You can see the actual stunt here.The reason why Jenny’s guerrilla fashion show worked was that it had everything that a solid guerrilla marketing stunt needs:

  • Focus On The Audience: She had a small and targeted audience: Rich Upper East Side New York investors. Who are you trying to reach?
  • A Call-To-Action: Jenny had slideshows displaying her line and logo as well as a handful of business cards with her website and new line. It was clear and to the point.
  • Memorable: As I mentioned earlier, the stunt was memorable and had a powerful message. It was daring and had people talking. Guerrilla marketing always has a risk factor to it, but that’s the fun part of it. Usually, the risk is the biggest part of your campaign and gets people talking and sharing.

So when you decide to do some good guerrilla marketing for your next campaign be sure that your audience is scoped out, the campaign has a clear and straight message, and that it’s worth doing!XOXOAasimImage Credit: AV Club

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