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March 22, 2021 - By Barron Rosborough

Hawke Media Lands on MediaBuyers LLC, Acquires To Extend Its Media Buying Powerhouse

Merging advertising forces, Hawke Media teams up with MediaBuyers LLC to enhance the end-to-end advertising cycle for clients.

Starting off the new year right, Hawke Media has acquired and added MediaBuyers LLC to the Nest, extending its media buying powerhouse. Absorbing the traffic from, the Hawke team plans to boost MediaBuyers clients’ online marketing capabilities. In return, offline media planning and buying agency MediaBuyers LLC brings another outsourced advertising staple to Hawke’s à la carte, month-to-month marketing services that will further magnify clients’ return on ad spend.

With online advertising being a dominant component of Hawke’s full-service marketing offerings, purchasing the company and domain made sense. The Hawke team plans to expand the reach of the domain, while adding MediaBuyers’ robust print advertising services to their existing marketing offerings. MediaBuyers LLC Owner and President Rod Hunsaker will be joining Hawke Media as an executive on the Business Development team to add his print advertising expertise and rolodex of clients to the Hawke client list.

“We are excited for the growth opportunities MediaBuyers and Hawke Media will have through this transaction,” says Hawke Media’s Head of Corporate Development, Josh Springer, on the acquisition.

“Our commitment to a straightforward and pain-free M&A process, combined with Rod and MediaBuyers’ dedication to swift information flow, resulted in a seamless integration and a closing time of less than 30 days. As our first acquisition of 2021, we look forward to continuing our expansion strategy throughout the remainder of the year with additional strong agencies and founders. For any questions or inquiries around Hawke’s M&A initiatives, please feel free to reach out to me directly at [email protected].”

While online advertising remains king, print advertising is far from dead. Considering the revenue generated by magazines, newspapers, and direct mail, there’s no denying that print can still be a valuable advertising channel for clients to reach their target audiences, especially if they’re targeting Baby Boomers, in categories where it makes sense.

If you run an advertisement in The Wall Street Journal on a weekday or The New York Times on a Sunday, you have the eyes of roughly 900,000 affluent, paid readers seeing that advertisement on a page that they can touch. Adding a trackable code and strong call to action drives offline readers online to your desired landing page, thus providing measurable traffic and attribution.

MediaBuyers LLC has access to the best existing rates for print, broadcast, and out-of-home advertising through an established network of more than 2,000 local, national, and international media outlets. Drawing on decades of experience and strong industry connections, its media buys routinely offer rates and value-ads that can double or triple a typical print ad’s ROI. Hunsaker has routinely been able to offer blue-chip advertising rates up to 70-90 percent off rate cards in regional and national publications that remain popular and relevant.

Ushering in print advertising to the other digital offerings at Hawke Media will be a welcome addition to Hawke clients, as well as vice versa for Hunsaker’s clients, creating an omnichannel solution for all of the accounts.

“It’s exciting to contribute MediaBuyer’s print media expertise and relationships to Hawke’s robust digital and social marketing offerings,” says Hunsaker. “The combination of these two forces together unites online and offline channels to take our client base to new heights of growth and performance.”

Focusing on expanding Hawke Media’s impression in the digital and print advertising space, MediaBuyers LLC is bringing Hawke’s mission of enabling access to great marketing for everyone to an even broader community. With a fully and permanently remote business and employees now in 28 states and counting across the U.S., Hawke is looking forward to new opportunities to cast its marketing net even wider and take more brands under its wing. For more information on Hawke Media services and case studies, visit